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Friday, September 7, 2012

I Just Need To Get It Out Of My System

It's like I am not running so then I'm not even finding things to blog about. I mean I said maybe I'd share Vegas stories, but when I get home I pretty much go into Bridezilla mode and start planning. Of course right now "planning" really means brainstorming and looking at all sorts of things. Last night it was rainbow dresses and rainbow bowties/cumber buns. *MF says he'd like a vest and suspenders. I'm with him on this one! I started on our corny wedding website, too. It's far from done, so I won't be in your face and link to it just yet or anything.

So since I can't talk about running I'll tell what I DO know - my wedding posse is actually going crazier than I am with all of this! Two girls that I know are pretty freaking excited about being required to be in a wedding that is taking place .... in fabulous Las Vegas! For years I've been saying that I didn't want to get married again, but if I ever did it would totally be in Vegas. Well then I met MF and out went that thought of "I don't want to get married ever" and instead - well you see where we are today ... planning a Vegas wedding! My after party will be back in Oregon, and if the party/reception goes as I envision it could be pretty fun and totally something up our alley. We aren't into stuffy, prim and proper, winery type stuff. I'm thinking more of dancing, drinking, and a little bit of the wedding brought back home for all to enjoy!

Some of you readers already have met part of my wedding posse of J & J. And both of them are pretty much always in my blog. J #1 - Jessica, my vacation travel partner that I not only convinced to do the Las Vegas RnR with me, but also convinced we HAVE to run Tower of Terror 10 Miler together as well. So this month we're off on another adventure. She's not a blogger, so I can't link - but you'll start seeing her face soon! (Look to the right, we're in orange and black and she's pushing me on a little square thing.) J #2 - Cilley Girl! One of Oregon's most hysterical bloggers, and someone I actually did meet because of blogging! I can't even imagine what Vegas will be like with the 3 of us girls all together!

And I haven't ruled out Titanic wedding. I think my mom was going with it until we saw we could only have a maximum of 15 guests. If I can't get married on the Grand Staircase I still have a plan, don't you worry!

OMG I'm so annoying!!! Wedding, wedding, wedding!!!! I do resume a regular running schedule tonight, so I'll try to get back to that and not so much on the fact that my world has been a happy little thing covered in rainbows and bridesmaids!

I'll end on a running note ... Portland Marathon is ONE MONTH from TODAY!!! Eek!!!


  1. Yeah for a Vegas wedding! S and I got married at The Little Church of the West, north (?) of Mandalay Bay on the end of the strip.

    Looking forward to seeing what you and the bridesmaids come up with:)

  2. YAY! We've been going crazy wedding planning this week too! We were thinking Vegas wedding too, but I think most of my friends would kill me since they all want to be there and 100 of our closest friends and family taking over Vegas would be too much for even Vegas to handle!!


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