To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Friday, September 14, 2012

Run 1.60, 1.61 – Blah

I resumed running. It wasn’t the most fabulous thing ever, but there were some highs I guess.

1.60 – Tuesday night. This was my first run in over a week! Yikes!!! I was supposed to do 5. I did 3. I’m such an overachiever. The weather was cooler, so that was nice. My legs felt like lead. Half way through I was on the verge of a little breakdown of sorts. Work was getting to me. I’ve been way busy planning a wedding. I was feeling beyond chubby and slow. It all got to be too much. I just flat out stopped moving. In the dark I stood there talking with MF. I finally lightened up a bit when I realized the police K9 unit was nearby and the dog was running around. So I watched that. As I was getting ready to resume running the car with the dog came up behind us. The dog barked at me. I’m sure it was just saying Hi and not alerting the officer that I’m a criminal, right? I mean really the most criminal thing I’ve done as of late is skip my runs. So we picked up and finished our run. It was in the dark, which was kind of nice – but I wouldn’t wear a headlamp. My Meniere’s Disease has been bugging me and I didn’t want extra pressure on my head. That made me rather dependent on MF for light. We hustled up the final hill and finished out the run in my neighborhood. He gave me a hard time about saying how slow I am, yet I was carrying on conversation at 8:30mm pace. Ha! Who knew? In my defense, we were going down a hill and then just flattening out from it. We did maintain that pace until the end though!

1.61 – Thursday night. We were supposed to run on Wednesday night but I was just beat. I think part of it was that I had gone so long without any protein that I was just literally collapsing. I was so tired and weak and didn’t want to do anything but watch Dexter and sleep. So that run didn’t happen. Last night we had dinner with my future brother in law, and his new wife. It was fun to meet them, and to share all sorts of wedding talk. Looks like they’ll get an abundance of wedding since MF’s brother will be in ours! After dinner we hurried home to change and run before Glee. It was so freaking hot! What the hell?? I was dying. I made us have two walk breaks simply because I was hot and dehydrated. I was pretty sucky. But we finished it out and yeah, nothing impressive to report.

What now? Tonight I don’t run. Tonight I pack some sort of race outfit to wear tomorrow in my 3rd running of the Prefontaine Memorial Run in Coos Bay. I’m excited because it is Pre, but I don’t feel at all prepared for the likes of Agony Hill. But I’ll do my very best and enjoy it!

And in bridal news …. April 14, 2013 I’ll be getting married at 5pm in fabulous Las Vegas! We have our chapel all reserved and paid for. It’s official!! We signed all of the contracts yesterday and sent them off!



  2. Congrats again! I thought of you today when driving up and down agony hill. :D You'll kick it's a$$ no prob bob!

  3. Good luck this weekend and yay for a wedding date and chapel!!


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