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Friday, October 19, 2012

Run 2.1 - Marathon Training Take 2

I took a 10 day break from running. I mastered the art of sitting on the couch watching TV, sleeping, eating, and eating. No joke, one day we put in a movie, devoured popcorn and immediately followed it up with ice cream. Pure gluttony. So now I feel like a lazy blimp and I'm ready to be back into training mode!

Last night we ran for the first time. It was a whopping 4 miles and a non-impressive pace. BUT I'm happy with it. Very happy, actually! I ran it with zero walking. Given the fact that the last time I ran was the marathon and I got hurt and could barely walk, this was a huge accomplishment. It lit that fire in me again... the fire to race, to run, to be healthy!

As of this morning I'm back to monitoring what I eat and trying to lower my cholesterol again. Last time I did that I lost 17 pounds. I did gain some happy weight of about 5 pounds, but you know what, I'm freaking happy!! So I'll take those pounds -- and now go lose them! Today I'm on my Bridezilla diet - just meaning I'm being healthy and exercising!

Speaking of Bridezilla, after my aunt's passing I pretty much just shut down in all respects. That's when the sleeping and doing nothing and eating started. And wedding planning stopped. So to get rejuvenated, MF and I are going to a bridal expo on Saturday! I'm pretty darn excited!

Also exciting, I got to update my Upcoming Races tab and put in 4 more half marathons! I registered us for 3 last night, and the 4th one will probably be finalized this weekend after checking with the family for our busy dates in December. That gets me to Goofy weekend in WDW and the half marathon ... it will be half marathon #20 for me!

So things are turning around!

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  1. Glad the 4 mile run went well and it sounds like you enjoyed your break from running after the marathon!


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