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Monday, October 29, 2012

Run 2.2 - Non-Running Post

I ran a second time. As I recall it was a whopping 3 miles. It may have even been four. I kind of just don't even care. It's been a long time since I ran. Why? Because I'm freaking sick.  I've had step throat for a while now. I'm pretty much disgusting. I can't eat. I can't drink. So I'm really weak and can barely sit up. I haven't worked a full day since last Tuesday, which is when I started having a minor sore throat at the end of the day. Ugh, lovely. My dad came to visit though, and got to meet MF for the first time. They hit it off well, so that's always a plus! Also my dad helped me retrieve my music and photos from my old computer. Hallelujah!! I bought all of my Seattle RnR photos and then there they were, gone. Lost in the Blue Screen of Death. So now I have them back! Let's put one in here now just because I can! Yay!

Let's see, what else? My mom is in Vegas right now and checked out my wedding chapel. She said it looks really nice and is in a quiet location away from the casino floor. She keeps calling me from Vegas. It's driving me nuts. I mean I'm not able to work - she could have just taken me with her!

MF and I went to a bridal show before I became a gross, non-hair brushing, pus filled person that is miserable. OMG, let me get you a screen shot - speaking of pus. I kind of posted a photo of myself and a caption, not really reading the caption or thinking maybe I could have written/worded things differently.  Here it is. Wait, my phone is updating - I'll get to that later. Okay, so the bridal show was fun. We didn't go with plans to book a wedding or reception location. We didn't need a dress or photographers or caterers. Pretty much we went because it was an EXPO and we did need to discuss manly attire. Samples were lacking, but we did get to see a cheetah from the Wildlife Safari and enter a ton of drawings. I'd say most of our success came from hitting the cruise booth (we do need a honeymoon after all!) and after talking to Men's Warehouse. There were photo booth vendors as well, so naturally we took advantage of that!

We also had luck on finding my wedding shoes, funny enough NOT at the bridal expo! And while getting my wedding shoes we picked up some accessories to create what was to be our costumes for a Halloween themed half marathon. Yeah, that didn't happen. For the first time ever I paid for a race and then didn't go. I physically couldn't do it at all. I mean I haven't eaten a real meal since last Tuesday. I can't even brush  my hair because it hurts too bad, so sadly I had to skip a half marathon. But we have costumes ready for another time!

Oh - yeah, so this is yours truly! Aren't I just divine?? I did finally brush that mess, but it looks like that again. and to translate the caption for you, just in case you're reading this on a smaller screen: 
In bed for 3 days so far. Swollen. Pussy. Tired. Fever. Imminent bed sores. Unable to eat or drink. Strep throat has never been so sexy!

Um, next time I'll just say my throat is all swollen and filled with pus, NOT "swollen. pussy." Bad call on that one, but an absolutely hysterical boo-boo, too! 

So that's what I've not been up to. This is actually the first day I've been able to sit up unassisted, so that's exciting! I should probably go shower.

Oh yeah - I'm quitting the Y. They stopped my swim class in the morning, so I'm just going to replace it with some fun workouts at home instead. Welcome back to my life, Yoga Booty Ballet!

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  1. Aww, it sounds like you feel terrible. Hope you get better soon!


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