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Sunday, November 4, 2012

How I'm Spending My Birthday Weekend

Happy Halloween!
Hello! I'm alive!! I've recovered from strep throat and am back to normal for the most part! And happily I was 100% healthy for the weekend where I had to say good bye to 33 and hello to 34. Yikes.

Saturday MF and I started our day with a 3 mile run. Not gonna lie, it was challenging. I was just getting back to running when strep throat happened, so doing 3 miles wasn't so bad on my legs, but hard on the lungs. I was a little wimpy thing. But it felt so good! We'll call that Run 2.3 in preparation for the next marathon!  

After the run we got ready to head north. First stop ... registering! On Thursday night we were up in Eugene at Bed, Bath & Beyond to register and we didn't get to use the scanner gun. Darn it! So we decided to stop in Eugene on our way up to OSU to register at Kohl's and Target. Way too much fun! They let us have the scanner and be on our own to click away at whatever we wanted. Being the frugal person that I am, I resisted temptation and didn't ever scan the fancy pants Margaritaville blender. I did, however, click on the foot massagers and foot bath things!

We don't have a Target where we live, and let me tell you - registering there was a blast! Finally something that would sell you a set of measuring cups for less than $50! Soon we had leave to get up to Corvallis for the football game. But first! I have this plan for my wedding/Oregon reception (I have two different events in two different states). In order to make this plan happen I have to do some investigating. This led me to Best Buy, which did not offer what I need. On the way I was humored by the school bus and pulled in and parked in front of the porn shop. Yep.

Next stop, Oregon State University. In the Spring it is covered with beautiful flowers and in the Fall it is just gorgeous. All of the trees are so colorful and the ground dusted in leaves. I love it so much. I always miss school even more when I'm up there on a perfect day with the beautiful colors and sound of football in the air. As per usual I just show up to tailgate and spend the first half of the game hanging out. MF and I wandered around campus and paused at some of my favorite spots, like the stairs in the Memorial Union and the tables I used to sit and study at that look out into the big, open green quad. I really did get so lucky spending my college years on such a picturesque campus!

Just a portion of the Memorial Union

I got a new hat, too! Now I have two hats with ears that are not of the Mickey Mouse variety! It was Dad's Weekend. I always liked Mom's and Dad's Weekend. My step-dad and I reminisced the old days of my youth and how we did a Father/Daughter bowling tournament, terrible hotel rooms with water beds, shag carpet and silver wall paper, nice dinners out, and more. Ah, the good ol' days. Seriously, I can't even believe it's been 12 years since I was going to OSU. Twelve?? Crazy!!!  Twelve years ago right now I was probably busy studying, as I was in my final term of college and had a full schedule of Psychology courses, including my writing intensive course that was actually pretty cool, and my fun photography class - which I had with someone that is now in the NFL! He was pretty funny ... and cute.

After half-time Man Friend and I began our drive back home. We took a little detour to go by the bar I used to dance and have drinking contests at every Thursday. Oh, Top of the Cock, how I miss you so!

I'd like to say I wasn't a crazy party girl ... but I can't lie, so yeah ... Let's just say I had A LOT of fun back in the day! My liver likes me much better now I'm sure!

And here it is, Sunday, November 4th. At 4am I turned 34 years old. I was treated to breakfast in bed, with my two cats and dog (and MF) all there with me. I was given the choice of spending the day however I wanted ... and corny as it is, I just wanted to be home with my little family, the front door open so my dog could go play in the sunshine, some "Tidy Janes" and tater tots, and a run. *Tidy Janes are the vegetarian version of Sloppy Joes ... the name created by none other than Cilley Girl! Tomorrow night my mom and step-dad are taking me out for dinner .... we all wanted to just have a lazy Sunday and not have to get all dressed up!

It's been a perfect day. I'll write about the run later in it's own post. On tap for the rest of my evening I envision perhaps some popcorn, a little bit of Dexter and then Breaking Amish. Okay, does anyone else watch that show? I'm so addicted to it. Now every time I see a girl in boots I ask 2Fish (MF) if she is Amish. Watch it if you haven't, it's addicting!!  Oh, and I'll probably continue being Bridezilla. My invitations are going out in the mail tomorrow, so now it's on to creating the guest list for my Oregon party and continuing to make the most fun music set list ever. And then the choreography.....  I forgot - I'm registering for a half marathon that's on Saturday. I need to make up for the one I had to skip when I was sick. Addiction ... apparently it's not only for the Amish show!


  1. Registries are so much fun to do! It looks like you guys had a great time.

  2. Glad you're feeling better!

    I love love love that hat!


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