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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Run 2.6 - Adding in Yoga Booty Ballet

I'm posting this mostly just for my own sake to remember, so when you're like "gosh, this is the second most boring blog I've ever read," ... well that's totally okay. I know I can never be THE most boring blog ever ... that title is given purely to this girl and her obsession with her cat and her husband that might some day eat said cat. Anyway.....

I set out to run 4 miles. Apparently running a) in the dark b) with a headlamp on while c) cars are zooming by with headlights blinding me and d) my ears are frozen for the first time ... Hello Meniere's attack! 1.6 miles in I was very unsteady on my feet and really nervous about continuing further from home. We decided to turn and head home to finish out a three mile run. I actually powered up the two hills quite nicely, I was proud of myself!

Post-run I ditched the shoes and put in Yoga Booty Ballet (YBB). Due to the fact that I couldn't balance myself because of the vertigo I skipped the ballet portion. I always skip the yoga part (I just find it for me to be so blah). So it was a thirty minute workout with cario/weights, abs, inner thigh work and stretching. Oh man did I feel it! Man Friend was a trooper and even tried it, too!  I'm hoping to make this a normal part of my routine since I quit the YMCA.

And that's that. Nothing special. But I am loving the new shoes.

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  1. I love me some yoga. YBB sounds fun, but knowing me I'd hurt myself.


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