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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Run 2.??? - Screw It!

My running is so sporadic that I'm just over logging it in my blog ... for now. I can only think about Goofy and writing about runs now and then is just so blah to me at this point.

I can say that I recall a couple of really great runs in this last week. We did a five miler and it felt pretty awesome! The chill in the air seems to be helping me. I guess it is motivating me to keep moving to stay warm and get done faster. I had another great run, but much shorter.... a whopping 2 miles. We warmed up inside, went outside and then realized it was freezing. No joke, I mean I think we had some snow flakes come down on us. The run felt fabulous though. I was loving it!

So unless it is super fabulous or super horrible I'm probably going to not bother tracking the rest of my puny marathon training. But I'm not ditching running or writing about it. Just between now and Goofy I can't keep up. My mind is busy with Dopey costumes (that's THREE race outfits!), wedding, Christmas, running, wedding, packing, Vegas, wedding... and now ....

Damn you, runDisney. Why do you keep coming up with things that I cannot say no to?  Looks like I'll be getting another Coast to Coast medal this year because I just can't pass up on the first ever Disneyland 10K followed by the Half. Anyone else smell a Team Jam reunion??  Man Friend and I have already been staking out hotels and are loving his military discount for that and park tickets!  

I started packing, sort of, for Goofy weekend tonight. Race costumes are being set aside, and I think I have all the pieces for all three races now. I won't officially pull out the suitcase until after Christmas though. But it's coming up so soon, it will be hard to resist!

We are watching the Fugitive right now. Tommy Lee Jones looks so young. Makes me want to watch Men in Black now. Ooh, maybe I'll put in Toy Story. I want to do some Disney movie watching to study up for the big trip.  And also can we talk Jersey Shore? I pretty much watched all of the marathon last weekend leading up to tomorrow night's final episode. I'm sad. Dammit, why?? Why did I get myself hooked on this stupid show? I'm going to miss them. Ugh.

That's all. I'm freezing. I need to go sit in front of the heater.
I might run tomorrow. Oh, and I have a half marathon on Saturday. I'm officially on Snow Watch 2012.


  1. I'm so excited about the Dumbo Double Dare, I can barely stand it. I don't even know why since it's not really as big of a deal as Goofy. I think it must be because Goofy is also filling me with anxiety and I already know I can do a 10k on one day and a half the next. I did WDW half and the relay last year while being really undertrained. This just seems super fun!!!!

  2. WOOHOO!!! I am so in for Dumbo!! I can't believe how fast Goofy is coming up for you. I can't wait to see your outfits. Ooh, I love the Fugitive. And Men in Black. Now I want to watch Men in Black! Ha!


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