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Monday, January 21, 2013

Disney Family 5K

You think running a 5K is hard? Trying doing the Goofy Challenge after it, that's hard! ....and that little intro is my nod to Sue Sylvester (Glee)... The inspiration for our 5K costumes!

The Macarena is serious!!
When I decided to do Goofy I thought I'd be going alone. Once I ended up bringing my mom, step-dad and Man Friend with me I immediately registered us all for the 5K. Most of my costume ideas were nixed, but when I found tacky matching knock off track suits, well then everybody was on board! Little did we expect it to be so hot, so my step-dad ditched his costume for shorts... I let it pass.

Pre-race entertainment was fun and typical Disney. I got to do the Cupid Shuffle and the Macarena! Oh yeah, Mom and I rocked the heck out of the Macarena! Some boring guy that apparently was on American Idol once sang. Snooze fest, in my opinion. Time flew by and before long we were heading to our corrals.

What? Yep! For the 5K this year we were assigned to corrals. It did help smooth things out compared to prior Disney 5Ks I've done. Each corral got fireworks and a countdown, and for the first time ever I took a good race start fireworks shot!

Off we go... Walking. But when I walk I can pass people at their running pace. I'm pretty obnoxious during 5K walks because I have no plan of getting passed by other walkers or lolly gagging. There is a minimum pace to maintain and dammit we will continually move faster than that!

The path was the same as always, starting in the Epcot parking lot, heading backstage through what I call the ride vehicle graveyard, turning into the Cast Member parking lot, under Test Track, into World Showcase, exiting the park near the UK, rendering the UK from backstage and finishing out via Spaceship Earth. Easy peasy! The smell turning into the Cast lot was horrendous! OMG just terrible, like swimming through a septic tank. I do love going backstage, always reminds me of the good ol' days of working there (WDW, not Epcot specifically).

We didn't stop for photos so I just took them on the go! Everybody had a good time, and I even saw my step-dad break out into a run a couple times! The big annoyance was, as I called him, "cock blocker dad." Every time there was an on course photographer he would just run up and block it while waiting for his daughter. Incidentally in the end she was working so hard she was almost in tears. J&T he kept pushing her. Asshat. It should be fun, no crying in a fun run!!

As per usual, once we hit the 3 mile marker I force the group to run, so run it in we did. My mom was being so strange.... Apparently she put her phone in her waistband (clearly she needs an iFitness belt!)band it started to slide down her pant leg. *Great photos came from that!

Our foursome crossed together and happily collected our, um, medals! Aside from 2010's Royal Family 5K that I actually raced, this was the fastest one to date! Go team!!

Will our group reform in the future? I guess we'll see, but hopefully by the time we are back in WDW to race there will be a need to watch a baby...or push a stroller through Epcot! *fingers crossed!!*


  1. Love the track suits! I bet you were sweating buckets in them, though! Can't believe how hot that whole weekend was! CAN NOT WAIT for Dumbo! Woohoo!

    1. I was so sweaty!! What you can't see are my compression sleeves I wore to keep my legs happy before Goofy!


      And seriously, what the hell happened to me that I can't stop thinking about how fun Goofy was and how I can't wait for 2015? Was I not there in World Showcase when I declared to the world that I would never do it again??

    2. Me too! It's like I have complete amnesia about how hard that was. We all said never again at the finish, too.

  2. Seriously - that is one of the best fireworks starting pictures!! So awesome!! Love the track suits!!

    1. It only took a thousand races to get that fireworks photo! ;)

  3. Jealous of the 5K! Hope we can do it for Dumbo weekend!

    1. Oh sad, I guess we know the answer to this one now. Oh well - we still get to do Dumbo!!


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