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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's a Rainbow of Madness

I went to the worst bridal expo ever. Thank goodness it was free. The so-called fashion show? A joke. They had a dress with camo!!!!!!! And I swear one of the "models" was trying to contain explosive diarrhea. That is the only reasonable explanation for her visible attitude problem!

After the expo we went hard core into decorations. We had most of it done but needed to really check. A few trips to stores and there we were, surrounded by sparkly colorful things for twelve tables.

And then I checked the guest list.

Twelve tables wasn't enough if people brought their kids. Personally I'd want zero but I'm the bride and don't get everything I want for my wedding. At one point I had 18 kids on the list and I don't even know most of them. Not cool. Originally we thought only adults, not even thinking people would want their kids at an evening Vegas themed reception. When we learned otherwise, well I was a completely pissed off bridezilla!

Last night we sat down, axed people and came up with the compromise. We added one table (which we quickly got decorations for) and are pretty much banning non-family children. I just can't fathom adding enough tables, chairs, food and drinks to make room for all of these people that MF and I don't even know. In my favor.... 145 people max are allowed in the venue. Hallelujah!

So today I'm a happy bride. 11 short humans got cut and I only had to do one extra table. Phew!

I won't say what today's photo is going to turn into just yet, but oh boy do I love it!!!


  1. I've decided that I'm eloping if (when!) I get married. Just thinking about planning a wedding is giving me hives! I have a secret hope of tying the knot on the course of RnR Las Vegas. I mean, how cool would that be?! Now if I could just find the perfect groom...

    1. If you do it then you better tell me and I'll run along and throw flowers on you or something! ;)

    2. Awesome! You could be my flower girl! Now to find a groom... Too bad that's not as easy as all of our races we're planning!

  2. I totally support your desire for a childless wedding reception.
    You're absolutely right in thinking who would want to bring their kids to an evening reception... what are people thinking? Glad you came to a compromise you are happy with, it is your day after all!

    1. Maybe I'll still win and people will see, Oh, it starts at 7pm? Vegas themed? Let's leave the kids at home! I can only cross my fingers and hope!

  3. This movement of people who insist on bringing children to weddings is getting beyond rude. First, someone has to pay for each head, second, children get bored at weddings. Why torture them?'s a pet peeve of mine when people want to bring their kids to adult events just so they can either avoid the inconvenience of a baby sitter or dress up the kids like little dolls for photo ops.


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