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Monday, January 21, 2013

Les Mis, From My Expert Point of View

Russell Crowe sucked. Should I be able to kick Javer's ass? No. A little passion and grit would have been nice. I can't totally blame Crowe, was there not a director or someone on set to tell him to get some balls?

Eponine.... Gorgeous. Loved her in the 25th Anniversary special, loved her here.

Pleased with Enjolras' death and how it mimicked the stage production in a way.

Loved seeing the original Jean Valjean make an appearance.

Helena Bonham Carter, as per usual, was perfect!

And total kudos to Anne Hathaway. I was prepared to rip her apart but she was so good! I've heard many Fantine's and she actually had legit passion in her voice. Stunning, loved her!

Overall? LOVE!!! Go see it!


  1. I had no idea you were such a Les Mis fan! Me too!!! I know the entire thing from beginning to end. *nerd alert* Russell Crowe was a disappointment. Anne Hathaway: amazing. I also really like Eponine and OMG, I had no idea Hugh Jackman could sing like that. I found Cossette really annoying.

    Did you see a special showing and that's why you are dressed up?

    1. I never like Cosette, probably because Eponine is where it's at! But I like that actress so I got over it this time. The photo is from 2011 when I went to see it....again.


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