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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Photo Nonsense from the Marathon

I bought all of my Goofy photos, but aside from that we ran all the races with my camera. I couldn't possibly share all photos. I mean I'd be the only one to not get bored looking at them. So I thought I'd pull a few out to show that it isn't always just running and smiling for official photos!

I wear my sunglasses at night ... or 4 o'clock in the morning
Butt shots! Thanks to giraffy for pointing out where to locate hers!
Everybody stops for the front, so why not get a photo at the back of the Castle?
Banana time. I actually ate TWO bananas during the race and never once puked!
I actually wanted to pet this little guy but figured I should continue on to the next animals.
A blog reader from Canada! She recognized me from behind, so cool!!
(And she's racing in my Princess Half skirt ... fabulous taste!!)
Even the goats wore costumes for us runners!
The former Cast Member in me appreciated this sign outside of Animal Kingdom

I couldn't help but find this amusing. I'm not sure why. 
Ha! All of you guests pissed off at the traffic ... that's because of us!
More giraffy and Becka. Lazy girls just laying around....
Take that, Chuck Norris! 
The moment I discovered the glory of BioFreeze
Mile 23.9.  We know it is 23.9 and I am deliberately photographed running by it
-- because we stole a sign from this stop a couple of days before the race. Oops.
Joey Fatone!!! Dead center of the picture in black shirt/shorts. Thank you, Mom, for this one!
Here I am sobbing about Goofy and Man Friend is hamming it up to get his medal.
The fact that he is willing to touch MY shoes and socks shows he's the real deal!!

So there ya go - a few of the not-so-glorious moments of my 27+ mile marathon! 26.2 wasn't hard enough for us ... we had to be overachievers and add on almost an entire extra mile. Or we are just dumb asses that like to goof off... Goof off - get it!?! 


  1. I have so many things to say!
    1. You're welcome, I'm glad I could help in locating my butt.

    2. Those bananas were DELICIOUS. That was the best.

    3. My parents were in that line of cars. HAHAHAHA.

    4. Goat! in a COAT!

    5. We ended at 27.8, I think. WHAT.

    6. I never felt achy enough to need biofreeze, but GENIUS for keeping you cool. I wish I were as smart as you.

  2. Love the pictures! The Batman costume is probably my favorite yet!

  3. Great pics! Looks like you had a great race!

  4. I loved that 3:00 parade sign, but I never saw it. I also heard about the sign at mile 4 that said "You're almost there" and then one next to it "He's really bad at math".

    1. Ha - those signs you described are hilarious!!

  5. Love your outfit! Great pics. I so wanted to buy all my photos, but haven't yet. Are you thinking about running the Dumbo Dare? I was bummed it sold out so quickly.


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