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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

He Said What??

Oh this week has been a doozy! So entertaining to me, as far as work can be, that I had to document it.

Monday: Younger guy - maybe mid/late-20s. He asks if water ever goes down in cost the more you use it. I explain that it doesn't, that he just pays a flat rate per unit of water he uses. He says, "So if I'm watering a field I just have to pay up the ass?" Up. The. Ass. I died.

Tuesday: Mid-age guy, maybe 40s. He says, "Man, I'm so sore. I was riding horses yesterday. I feel like I was rode hard and put away wet." Again, I died.

Wednesday: Phone call, a male is on the other line. Long pause .... "Yeah, uh, I don't know what I want..... Well, I want... to make a report." "Okay?" "Not against a dog ...." (a dog?? Where is this going, I wonder?!?) .."but against a human.... taking... a crap.. on the sidewalk downtown."

I'm REALLY happy that some days I am easily amused. This whole week has had me laughing during the unending boredom!

P.S. I got new shoes!


  1. Love your shoes!!! You always have the cutest gear. Makes me totes jelly. ;)

    1. I've now done a 15K in them and a few training runs -- super comfy!!


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