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Sunday, April 7, 2013

The FINAL Wedding Update!!

Now don't get me wrong by looking at the title ... not the last wedding post, but just the last update before the wedding actually happens!

Things have been moving along swimmingly. I'm not even sure what "swimmingly" means, but I'm using it anyway.  One week from today I'll be having breakfast with MF and then meeting up with the girls, Jessica and Cilley Girl. While the boys are off doing who knows what - that better not involve naked chicks!!! - we ladies are hitting up the Mandara Spa at Planet Hollywood for my hair and make-up appointment. I've never had anyone actually do my hair and make-up for me for any event since I was a little girl in dance class. Finally I think I've settled on the hair style I want - down, yet kind of up and back so it's off my face, but totally NOT 90's prom hair. And along those lines, I need to call and schedule my pre-wedding spray tan. Hopefully no hand/feet disasters this time!

Right now my living room is filled with suitcases of all sizes. One bag is pretty much all wedding/bridesmaid dresses. My carry-ons will be full of important documents so that I CAN get married, jewelry and cameras. Oh, and the fedoras. Can't forget the fedoras! I think they take up a carry-on all on their own.

And so I'm blogging right now as a way of procrastinating on picking out the clothes I'll be wearing during the most epic of all Vegas weekends. Frankly, I'm pretty sure I'll be in running skirts the entire time. I'm consulting the weather report .... Oh man, four letter words just came out of my mouth!!

So, yeah, I'm sticking with running skirts! I will leave the Garmin and Adidas at home - but I think running skirts will help me survive the whole "oh my gosh I'm melting" thing that will be happening! Oh who am I kidding - MF and I have already planned on getting to Planet Hollywood, dropping bags off and then grabbing drinks while we wait for our limo to take us to the Marriage Bureau! We know how to do Vegas, dammit!

Anyway, point is - I am ready and super excited!!! I get to see friends that I haven't seen in years, and I get to be in my favorite place with a lot of my favorite people. How often do you really get to have your family and friends all together in Sin City?? My mom has been hearing about Mike, Clark and Bob for YEARS and now she gets to meet them. I might just bring them all back home to Oregon with me actually.

The last thing - which is what I told MF I was in here working on - is music. We get to pick what we enter to. I've done a little splicing and created our "wedding march". Now I am just picking out the song we will leave the chapel to. The production of the 'Zillas is all coming together -- and I promise to share once it's over!*   

*The reception, which is the even bigger "production" is 2 weeks after the wedding, so I'll drag this out like crazy! ;)



  1. WOW, look at you all systems go and the beginning of a fantastic life ahead; have fun, enjoy and revel in the moment xx

  2. Congratulations! Enjoy every minute of it...the days, especially the wedding day, goes by so fast!

    1. Thanks! And I shall be sure to pause to make sure I enjoy everything. Even the stuff that goes wrong - I'll just smile and laugh my way through it. I mean how bad can it be? I'm marrying my favorite person in my favorite city!

  3. Yaaaay! Exciting! I so wish I had the funds right now to hop on a plane and crash your wedding in Vegas! Arg. I'm so broke after NYCM, Goofy and 2 horse shows. *sadface*

    I'm expecting tons if social media so I can live vicariously through you. Have a blast!

    1. I will flood you with photos and status updates constantly! Order another drink? I'll tell you. Take a photo at Bellagio? I'll show you!


  4. I am so super excited for you!! ahhh!!! It's so close!! :) Enjoy everything about it!! I can't wait to hear about it and see pics!! :)

  5. Hope your special day is everything you want it to be and more! Have a wonderful time!

  6. OMG, I am so excited for you!!! Can't wait to see pictures and read all about it!! YAY!!!!


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