To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Little Bit of Something

My plan was to run today. The weather decided to have a huge change, which I have been noticing seems to trigger Meniere's attacks. So I ended up at home for the last half of the day. But with that I got to wake up just in time to see psycho slut bag Jodi Arias be told she was cruel in her murdering methods. No shit! Obviously! Yeah, so anyway I can't run tonight.

2013 has had some of the greatest moments (WDW Goofy weekend, Las Vegas, my wedding!!) but it's been rather crappy at times, too. I've spent the better part of the year out of commission due to Meniere's issues. (I do get to see a doctor next month!) A family member passed away the morning of my wedding. A family member was diagnosed with leukemia. A family member had a unique surgery. Really, not the easiest of times.

But I feel like that means things can only get better! I got to officially meet MF's daughter at our reception, and I think it went great! I loved seeing her and her girlfriends have fun dancing and getting their photo booth time.  So hopefully now that I know both of his kids we can all start hanging out more often and I can prove I'm not some bitchy woman like I'm sure their mother would love for them to believe.  

                                             It's the Cupid Shuffle, Abby!!

Oh speaking of my reception!! Here's one for ya! I had a friend of 32 years (I am 34). I tweaked our guest list so that I could have her, her newest husband and 3 or 4 of her daughters join us.  I got their favorite music lined up with the DJ, I had kid friendly food and drinks ready, I bought glow in the dark rings and bracelets for the girls to wear. We texted a lot in the week before, sharing excitement over getting to have a reunion. At 6:59pm I looked through the curtain at our guests and didn't see her. I was disappointed but hopeful so I sent a text to get her status. Naturally if she was close I was going to delay things until she could get there. This is 32 years of friendship after all.

A response to that text has still not come to my phone. That was April 27th. I got to thinking, and looked back. Never once did I get a text, call, email, or Facebook comment congratulating me on my wedding. Not even a single "like" on any photo. As if that wasn't confusing enough, I then discovered that at some point after the reception she not only unfriended me, but she also unfriended my Maid of Honor and my mom! I'm baffled. I can say I have no idea why the shunning. Here I was going out of my way for her and excited to see the girl that most people at some point have thought was my sister....and now the big delete? Well so be it! If it is jealousy over my friends and family that were there? Well, she was invited...and those friends that have supported me, listened to me and been there through all the bad that happened in last year pre-MF...those are my REAL friends (yeah, I'm talking about some of you reading this!), so really this isn't even a loss.  This is one less person making jokes at my expense and one less person making subtle, insulting stabs at me. So long!

                                 Real friends help you laugh through tears!!

And anyway, that's my babble for today! I think I need to put on my Wayne Newton nightshirt and crawl in bed while waiting for Real World Portland to come on.  Here's one more photo, just because. Note, the image on the left is our cake topper!


  1. Yeah, you don't need "friends" like that. How rude.

    1. Yeah - no loss for me. I should probably feel sad. I don't.

  2. That bitch!!! I can't believe she still hasn't responded to you. If it weren't for the unfriending I'd be thinking maybe she was dead in a ditch somewhere and that's why she didn't make it. So rude!! Well, your REAL friends are by your side :)

    1. Apparently no body in a ditch!

      Glad I have you REAL friends ... much more important than a phony baloney!

  3. Life is way too short to deal with people like that. You don't need that negativity.

    1. Its like a weight is off my shoulders - I like it!


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