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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Photo-booth Awesomeness

Hi! How's everybody doing? Good? Great! Can I get you anything to drink? Need a snack? We have some shrimp cocktail and tater tots left over .... and a ton of wine. Just let me know if you change your mind!

For our Oregon wedding reception we got pretty darn lucky! In the family we have a photographer. We were the guinea pigs for her new photo booth that she wants to try out at weddings. This isn't the normal photo booth where you cram in a little booth and take 4 shots and wait for your photos to come out in a strip. Those are totes adorbs (as the kids say these days), but this topped that! Here's how it went down .... 

A flashy background (completely appropriate for the Vegas theme we had going!), props (I LOVE having props!!), a camera on a tripod, and a little clicker remote control thing that I never got to work for me. So now you take yourself and your friends & family, and have at it!  

It seemed to be a total hit with the high school girls, which I was very pleased to see. People of all ages were testing it out, and it was so simple to just be silly and do whatever you wanted. For a while I believe I said, "just click away, I'm going to be an 80's model!"  We had well over 100 and all were great, so here are just a few!

By far probably my favorite of all the photos! That's MF's daughter front and center!

These three girls Wore. Me. Out!!!

My mom, our friend and the little guy

The creators of the best photo booth hilarity!

Maid of Honor and my baby cousin's ... baby, that's also not a baby anymore!
Our fabulous DJ Extraordinaire!

My new family - and apparently my new brother-in-law is a pimp!

I'm so excited to be a part of this group now - they are freaking awesome!!
And runners - I'm trying to get the one in the air to join in for Dopey 2015!

That's my "baby cousin" -- he grew up!

It's all starting to make sense now .... my new family!

This man helped create me. Clearly I didn't inherit his height!

Three girls that help run the city .... and one that makes THE BEST CUPCAKES IN THE WORLD!

My newest, favorite Rae girl!

"Look at me, I'm a model!"
I found a baby. For some reason nobody seemed concerned that I snatched her up and wouldn't share. She's now an honorary Rae girl, clearly!
I know I've shared this already, but it's my blog and I make my own rules!

And here we have it, the new happy couple!


  1. I love it all, such a beautiful event xx

    1. Thanks, it was a ton of fun!

  2. I absolutely LOVE weddings/ events with photobooths like this. Kudos for rocking! It looks like it was a blast.

    1. It was too much fun. It went by waaaaayyyy too fast.

      Ooh!! We did the Cupid Shuffle!! I even forced Jessica to join in. It was a hit!


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