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-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Running Is Kinda Hard

I have returned from my running hiatus! I went full steam into Goofy Weekend and once it was over I was done. Beat. Flat out pooped and burnt out in need of a break. The timing was perfect since I had a wedding to prepare for! Well that wedding has come and gone, so I no longer have an excuse to not lacy up my Adidas.

Yesterday was run number 1....and was it one sucky run! I procrastinated on heading out, which was a terrible idea. It was 82 degrees during my little jaunt through the 'hood. What happened to Spring running? Did I really miss it all?? Being congested, sweating, thirsty, hungry and very out of shape made this a doozy. My planned two miles turned into 1.8 since at that time I was essentially by my house and it was easy to stop. Bad, bad runner!!

This morning I again left too late. But I was prepared! Instead of a full hat I used a visor, I covered myself in sunscreen and I brought my water. The plan was four miles. Yeah it was 85 degrees. I did two. Ugh. It wasn't all bad though. When I actually ran, and didn't stop under big shady trees for water, I was running great! I was able to get focused a few times and felt myself getting back into my zone. During the hard parts, mentally, I pulled out the classic move..... What would Pre do? I realized Pre wouldn't have been a slacker and would have been done running hours ago. Pre would suck it up and push even harder just to prove that 85 isn't too hot for a good run. And with that I pushed and felt great!

From now on though, I am either running in the morning or once it has cooled off at night, even if that means running in the dark. Kind of hard to train for a half marathon in two weeks if you shrivel up like a dying bug once the sunlight hits your skin!


  1. Welcome back to runnerland!

    1. Thanks! When will it stop being so hard???? I feel like a weenie!!

  2. Ugh. This weather is not motivating me at all. We're in the same boat.

    1. This makes me wonder how I didn't shrivel up and die during Goofy!

  3. Glad you're back to running. Sorry the first one was such a hot one!


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