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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

5K on the Runway

It was a chilly, dark day when I thought it was a great idea to register for the 5K on the Runway. What a novelty of a race ... running where the airplanes go. Of course I had to do it!

The race started at 3pm (3pm on a June Saturday? Clearly I didn't think ahead when registering!) so I had no need to even set an alarm clock. Awesome! I never get to say that!  Man Friend and I cooked a yummy breakfast together and leisurely took our time getting ready to head out of town. We got to the race over an hour early to check out the airshow that was going on and make sure we knew exactly where to park. Getting our bibs was a cinch. I expected a shirt and bib. I got a bag filled with things, including sunglasses that light up! I was also pleased to see that this would be a chip timed race, and the shirt was soooo soft. Score for me!

Before the race I wandered around checking out some of the airplanes. I've been in countless commercial planes, but haven't even been up close to a small personal aircraft, so that was cool. They make me nervous though, I don't want to die. While waiting I was sure to keep hydrated and find shade. By the time we got to the start line for the countdown it was already 83 degrees. This course was the very definition of flat, with not one tiny speck of shade. We really were going to be running a 5K on the runway!

The plan was no plan. Just run a nice, steady race. No time goals. No picking out people to try to pass. We haven't had heat yet, so this day was just extra hot to me and I wasn't in the mood to pass out. At the start we went just a few yards before turning right. From there we went down a ways, turned left, turned left ... and proceeded to run over a mile in one straight line. That mile was into very strong wind ... and not "ooh it's cooling us off!" wind. No, it was "oh my gosh that wind is freaking hot!" wind. 

This view for 2 miles - except I passed all of those people!!
Half way through was a water stop. My first cup I dribbled on my head and shoulders, the other I drank. We walked a lot, and I totally didn't even feel guilty about it. Everyone around us was saying how it was just exhausting and crazy hot. We all verbally questioned our sanity and wondered why on earth we were out there doing the race. Eventually we turned left, then left again, and run another mile right back down. Pretty darn exciting -- essentially we ran one huge lap. 

I came through the finish line feeling pretty good .... finishing my slowest ever 5K race, aside from those that I walked during Disney race weekends. It was a fun time, but I'm not sure I'll be "racing" to do it again --- only because of the heat. I'm like a little bug that gets hot and shrivels up and whines. But if you can handle heat and are looking or a course to PR -- this is the one for you!

Five pounds lighter (thank you, sweat)  and a few shades redder!

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  1. I like different races and did one once on a car race track. Same type of weather. Late afternoon. Fun but I haven't gone back.


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