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Friday, August 9, 2013

Bursting With Childlike Excitement

Twenty days from now I will be flitting about in The Happiest Place on Earth with my favorite Man Friend. I am ridiculously excited!! My cottage is filled with packing lists, race waivers, costume pieces, Disney music and vacation planning DVDs. I cannot wait!!

To help tame the child beast exploding from inside of me, Man Friend offered to take me up to the Enchanted Forest for a little fun with my Maid of Honor and her new fiancé! (Turns out catching the bouquet might be the ticket after all!)

For my fellow Disney friends and anyone else that's curious, here is a glimpse of our spontaneous day in Oregon's own "poor man's Disneyland"!

First you go through this magical entrance...
They seemed to have freshened it up a bit and made it so wheel chairs can go in (not that a wheelchair can experience much once inside). After paying a whole $10.50 to get in you can also buy tickets to go on the rides!

First up, and entrance through the castle!

Next you wander through Storybook Lane. I always get excited in here seeing a few things, like the candy house!
Watch out for the witch inside!

Then the excitement of the white rabbit's hole! Are you brave enough to crawl inside?

I just love her!!

What goes in the rabbit's hole must come out, right?

Also in Storybook Lane you'll find the seven dwarves, the evil witch, the 3 bears, Humpty Dumpty and more!

We chose the haunted house to be our first attraction. 
Some day I will have to share stories of a freshman girl in college being absolutely terrified in this house!

*Seeing as I wanted to go shopping later, we did NOT get ourselves soaked on the log flume ride. 

We played in the old western town, explored the Indian caves, and then found ourselves ready for the Ice Mountain Bobsleds! Look familiar?

We also took in the Fantasy Fountains show while dining on pizza. Yum! And if you go, don't forget to do the Challenge of Mondor. I'm not kidding when I say this one actually IS better than Buzz Lightyear. You have freely moving laser guns and the car turns to aim you so you don't have to use a joystick and miss any targets!

I'll leave you now with a peek at how cozy it is if you double up in a bobsled!


  1. Yikes. That place is just as creepy as I imagined....

    1. I didn't even post the witch photo!

  2. Ha! I can't tell if this place looks fun or creepy, lol. Dumbo or bust!!!

    1. I wish I could have my blog play the area music they have --- totes creepy!!
      And they have these Indian caves (no politically correct nonsense there, it says Indian Caves!) and they are freaking scary! It gets pitch black in there, you have no idea where you are going, and if you make a "wrong" turn you end up crawling out of a tee pee. I always avoid that. I don't need to crawl on my hands and knees in a tunnel that has ZERO visibility!

    2. I was once in the caves on Tom Sawyer Island (it might have been tunnels? Is it even called Tom Sawyer Island, anymore? I can't remember) at Disneyland and the lights went out for a few minutes. It was pitch black and everyone panicked. It was seriously one of the scariest experiences ever. I got knocked down by people rushing to get out and I literally could not see anything. I haven't gone back to that island since. (Although, I'm thinking I should check it out this time around since it has been so long!)


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