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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Friday, August 9, 2013

I Have A Tool Belt Now!

It's been hot. The kind of hot where it looks nice outside for running, then you step out and realize there no effing way you are going to even try to run. So in the mean time Man Friend (ie new husband) and I have been very busy outside doing some long overdue home improvements. The biggest one that can be noticed, aside from the bushes I hacked into and had removed, is our new pool and deck!

I had a pool already, but it wasn't very deep and has one of those rings you inflate to keep it up. That ring had a leak that we couldn't track down, so the pool just always looked flaccid. A new pool had to be bought! HAD, I tell you! Sadly it seemed that there were no pools left in town thanks to our heat wage. But then after I begrudgingly went to KMart I was the new proud owner of a new, better and deeper pool!

Man Friend is freaking handy! And he doesn't just do things in slacker fashion. His vision: a sandy bottom for the pool to sit on. Sounds good to me! That then grew into our finished product of a deck, bistro dining set, flowers, solar lights...and future nighttime movies being broadcast from our deck. *I live behind a store which gives me a big blank screen just waiting for movie night! We may also add a fire pit!

Here's the beginning: 
A 16X16 frame filled with sand that MF meticulously leveled and smoothed out while I trimmed the plants. 

Man Friend was busy measuring and sawing the wood, while I screwed them into place. (That sentence felt dirty to type...all that wood and screwing.) I actually learned to use power tools (that's what she said?) and have my own pink tool belt now!

During this construction we learned that our neighbors (that I suspect are swingers) are growing pot with their medical marijuana card. This seems to cause them to act like we are besties. Ok I don't want to smoke your pot, I'm not running to the cops, and I do NOT want to engage in your hot tub orgies, so leave us alone!

We worked hard into the night and after that first round we had this:

I was pretty proud of myself and impressed with MF's skills that seemed very natural to him. Note, we didn't start this until AFTER a full work day. Go team!

We filled in the corners and other side, I was busy with applying stain, and soon we had ourselves a finished product!

I have since added more flowers and our next step in backyard beautification is to put bamboo/reed fencing over the chain link fence to hopefully ditch the swinger neighbors!

And that's what I've been doing!


  1. Wow, that looks great. Go MF! Or NH (New Husband)

    1. Thanks! He did an awesome job, although I surprisingly helped a lot more than I thought he'd let me!

  2. NICE!! That pool makes me all kinds of jealous.

    1. Come on over, I have a couple floaty things - we can relax ... and now I have a fire pit, too!!


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