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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Running, Disney, Wine &, Uh, Disney?

I'm actually writing a blog from something other than my phone! Goodness gracious, it's been a while! Apparently R0nda gets married and then gets busy. As posted before, we put in a pool, complete with a deck to surround it. Now we have a fire pit by the deck as well. My formerly cluttered storage shed is now tidy ... and no longer mine. Man Friend has claimed it as his, cleaned it up and turned it into his shop. He's even put carpet in it, music and wall art. It's his new little play place where he can organize tools and do whatever it is that handy guys like to do for fun!

I've started packing for the Dumbo Double Dare. I just need one blue ribbon and then my costumes are complete. MF's outfits are nearly done - but he does have some sewing to do for his, thank goodness HE is the one that can sew!

Since we do have to run a 10K followed immediately by a half marathon in less than 2 weeks, we decided to maybe, oh, I don't know ... run? We did back to back days this weekend to get ready (maybe more mentally than physically) for Dumbo. But frankly, I have done enough runDisney races that I know how this will go ... get up, put on costumes, be fueled with adrenaline, find friends, take photos, do the Cupid Shuffle with Abby, start the race, run, hit every single character stop, and goof off in the in between times. I have absolutely no worries on this race weekend. It's like the one time I can go to a race completely untrained and not even care or have a worry. It's going to be HUGE amounts of fun and I cannot wait for everything about it!!! I've started packing already, and I'm constantly watching different Disney things -- Stacey (from the hotel rooms in WDW), travel planning DVDs, Travel Channel shows on iTunes - anything I can get my hands on. I'M TOO EXCITED!!!!!

To help prepare for Disney we are watching movies that will inspire us and excite us. But we aren't just watching them in the house. Psh, why do that? Everybody can do that! Nope -- we have debuted a new "thing" for our cottage ... backyard movies!  For our first installment we chose Cars to get us ready to see the new Cars land in California Adventure. Popcorn, a clear, starry night, a fire, my favorite person,  my dog and a movie on the big screen? It was awesome! We are doing it again tonight, the movie is yet to be determined, but I'm kind of thinking maybe Lion King.

*I live next to a store, so I have a big wall next to my backyard. We removed a dying bush, so now we have this big, blank canvas just waiting for an array of movies to be projected onto!

Also this weekend we inadvertently crashed the 1988 high school reunion while mocking the girls at the 2003 class reunion happening in the same location. We were at a local winery for an annual event they hold - and lucky for me one of my favorite friends was there reuniting. I had no idea I knew so many people from the class of 1988! While there I also got to get up close with a cheetah and some birds of prey, listen to music, do TONS of people watching, and meet another local running couple. We have seen them around town multiple times, and even at Portland RnR, and finally I had a chance to meet them in person ... and she knows the blog! Hi Elizabeth!!

Here are some photos from last night's crashing escapades!
Glasses we got with our admission - later used for holding Man Friend's kettle corn (seeing as we don't drink wine)
A Rae sandwich -- my mom, my 1988 graduate friend, and yours truly. We all matched that day!
And the happy couple...... good grief!


  1. Love those wine glasses!

    You have no idea how jealous I am of your backyard. Outdoor movies are my favorite!!

    I cannot wait to cupid shuffle with you!

    1. Jaime and Tara need to get on the ball and learn the shuffle!!

    2. I'm assuming one of you will be able to teach it to us in the corrals? ;)

    3. It's been Disney big group dance song now for almost two years --- I'm sure we'll have ample opportunities and locations to teach it to you!

  2. Woohoo!!!! I'm so excited for Dumbo!!! I can't believe how close it is. And so jealous of your backyard!! How fun!!

    1. It seemed so far away ... and now it is finally time to pack!! YAY!!!!


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