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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Warming Up My Fins

I'm sitting here on my mom's deck staring at the river. Hold on, I'll take a photo of my view...

Pretty lucky I am! I sound like Yoda. WTF? Anyway... My mom is cooking dinner so we could enjoy at least one more sunny afternoon on the deck. My cousin surprised us with a visit ...which leads to my fins!

Next weekend we will meet up with my cuz in fabulous Las Vegas and go to see Jimmy Buffett at the MGM Grand. For non Buffett fans, you move your fins to the left, find to the right....during one of his biggest hits!  I'm so excited!  Man Friend and I are also going to see the new Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil show at Mandalay Bay. AND, because of my mom's demanding suggestion and forcing of cash into my hand, we are going to see Menopause the Musical at the Luxor. She said THE actual Belle, from Beauty and the Beast is in it! Cool!!

We are hopefully hitting up the Neon Museum to see the old Vegas lights as well! And then Fat Tuesday will be hit over and over. Their piña coladas are delicious! Naturally I'll be staying at the Flamingo Hilton to keep myself as close to Margaritaville as possible --- our waitress told us Jimmy frequents Margaritaville when he's in town for his concerts!

<-- Also delicious? Richard Rawlings on Fast 'n' Loud. I suggest watching for the eye candy!

Yummy, right?!?! We have the same middle name, so I'm pretty sure we are destined to be together - forget that I'm married. But hey, Man Friend thinks he's super cool, too! He's quite the guy when you think about it - men AND women both like him! MF joked that he was going to grow his hair out so he could look like him now ... I'll share photos if that ever happens!

After Vegas we are road tripping to see my Mama # Tew in Arizona. So I'll be south for my birthday and hopefully reunited at some point with most of Team Freedom (Jaime and Tara are there) and Pyrate Bob! Bob and I spent my 29th birthday party together down in Phoenix actually. He was quite the sport as I insisted on blasting MY kind of music out of his mini-van, (r.i.p. mini van).  Bob also joined us at our wedding in Las Vegas, so clearly he is cool and one that I'll try my best to see during our trip through the desert! 

*Is it me, or does "Bob the hottie" bear a resemblance to Richard Rawlings?!?! Hmmm.

That's Pyrate Bob in the above photo ... the trusty friend to hook a bride up with rum during the official wedding photography session. It should be noted that Bob is also a Navy man like MF AND a Parrotthead like myself! I keep good company!

So yeah - I forgot I was typing this. I'll just publish.

Up next - my race report from a crazy 10K that was mostly all on one single bridge, and my adventure as a Goonie!


  1. I keep forgetting you are coming here! I hope I get to see you. I have a horse show that weekend. BOOOOO But maybe we can get our schedules to work out somehow.

    1. Here's our general plan.... Getting to Phoenix area on Halloween and leaving Tuesday November 5th. We don't know what the daily plans are yet but we all know how to find each other! I know we will be in Phoenix multiple times. I need a reunion!!

    2. I'll be at the horse show Friday through Sunday. Do you guys think you could meet up Monday night? Horse show nights are sometimes late so I can't predict exactly when I would be done...

  2. So jealous. Seeing jimmy buffet is in my bucket list.


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