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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Officially Ready For Ragnar

As they say in the Haunted Mansion, "There's NO turning back now!" I am officially in for my first ever Rangar Relay. I say First because I'm hoping it is so much fun that I do it again!

Last night was another training run, which, despite the freezing temperatures, was really good! I covered a few hills and managed to again not walk at all. Awesome! It's such a nice change to run in cold weather again instead of melting and sweating in the first tenth of a mile. I did get annoyed at my old junior high school when some really cool 12 year old called us joggers. Perhaps I'm not meant to be a mom since my first instinct was to want to kick his 7th grade ass for calling me a jogger. F--- you, kid!

I love seeing the leaves changing colors and falling. The runner in me, however, isn't as thrilled when trying to run in the dark. Those suckers get rather slippery and the last thing I need is to fall and break myself. Most of my training will be in the dark, so last night was good practice for our potential Ragnar night legs. I had on a headlamp, light on the back of my head and flashing lights on my arms. Either I'm being safe or making myself a really fun target! Also I realized that I was in complete winter gear. You'd think I was running in snow. My skirt/pants combo was the thickest, warmest one from Skirt Sports while my shirt was my thickest, warmest shirt. I felt nice and toasty! I even had my ears covered. It's only November. Remember it was November that I was running in Arizona and melting?!?! 

In other news, did you see Charles Manson is possibly getting married to a 25 year old that he has named Star? She's been a fan and following his writing for 6 years. She moved to be closer to his prison. Good lord. Her poor parents.


  1. SUPER excited to follow along on your Ragnar adventure. It's on my list for one day.

    1. Well you'll be able to follow along with training before the adventure since I'm making a vow to myself to get back to blogging regularly - so I hold myself accountable and actually train!


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