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-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Take That, Big C!

When we last talked I had just finished my 25th half marathon, and final race of 2013. As I sit here typing this I am actually wearing my race shirt! Coincidentally, my awesome friend wore hers today, too! ;) It's super comfy and I shall be wearing it with pajama pants tonight as I watch all the countdown shows on TV with my favorite husband (Man Friend), and others at my mom's house. Tonight we celebrate my Grandpa's birthday with a fancy dinner and conversation. He's a New Year's baby and still a kid at heart. On Christmas morning (our 3rd Christmas get together of the season) we even got him to show up in his pajamas. I hope we make this a new tradition. Grown up pajama days are fun! Here's the birthday boy with his favorite daughter and favorite grandchild -- am I playing favorites? It's my blog, I get to assign things the way I want...besides, I'm named after him, of course I get to call myself the favorite!


At our second Christmas of the year we had the pleasure to have the company of MF's children (his daughter is also a Rae girl like my mom and I!). We are all very serious when we get together....

Sometimes we look normal, too...

I'm working on a pretty big project right now during my housewife hours, and I've been taking photos along the way. Once it's done I'll share a before/after post. I blame Pinterest! My house smells like paint right now. Boxes are all over the place. And then I try to USE the boxes - but I can't because my cats decided they own them. It hinders productivity!!!

And then finally, the Big C... I don't have to worry about kicking it's ass because, after my highly dramatic surgery earlier this month the doctor was successful in getting rid of all the precancerous cells. Woohoo!! Yesterday I finally got the 6 stitches removed and soon I get to check out my new scar. Until then I just get to see it this way (through photos that MF is kind enough to take for me) -->

Pretty, right?!?! I'll just say it again -- wear sunscreen! And cover up. I try my best to remember to wear my sunblock and it is rare that I am even out in a tank top. But I guess after years of just being a normal human and seeing sunlight I hit the jackpot by having some potentially bad cells. I get to go back in 6 months for another check-up, and you can bet I'll be buying even more sunblock once the sun decides it exists again!

So that's it for the year. Have a good evening everyone and .... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS!!!!!!!  *love of my life*

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