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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I Miss Ragnar

I'm still pretty much thinking of Ragnar non-stop.I told Tara today that Ragnar topped Disney. Sure Disney is fun, but Ragnar is 2 days of non-stop fun and you get to go in the beach if you want!  After Vegas for days immediately followed by Ragnar I am pretty much STILL trying to get back into a normal sleeping and eating pattern. At night, even though I'm in my bed, I keep waking up thinking that it's time for a runner exchange and that I need to get up to go cheer - or get up to run. And the runger. Holy cow, I only ran 13.5 miles but you'd think it was a marathon. I guess I just never really ate while we were there except for once at a restaurant. My tummy is demanding more action that that apparently. Another thing I realized, from 3:15am Friday morning when I woke up for Ragnar until we got done with our van running and back to shower - I only went to the bathroom FIVE times! That's it! Clearly I was NOT hydrating at all. Bad form!!

In between Las Vegas and Ragnar I did have a moment of pure childlike excitement.... DISNEYLAND!!! We didn't technically go IN, but my hands and arms did! Nobody said you can't go up to the gate, stick your body parts through and take photos! Oh it was magical. I heard the area music, I went into the bakery at Downtown Disney, I had my purse checked at Security. Loved it! 

The purpose was our pre-race dinner at Downtown Disney. In attendance was myself, Man Friend and Carrie. Tara was actually able to show up just before we ordered, bonus! ESPN Club was setting. My food was yummy, but I hardly ate any of it ~ I blame pre-Ragnar nerves. And for those of you trying to figure out who everyone is, obviously Man Friend is my obnoxious, yet darling husband; Carrie is a friend from grade school; and Tara I met during the Walt Disney World Marathon in 2013 and then was part of Team Freedom during the Dumbo Double Dare. *You might recall we crashed the mass chaos of the Disney Health and Fitness Expo together. That right there should have been a clue as to the shenanigans we would be up to once Ragnar was under way. 

I hated to have to leave, but I know I'll be back.... and we would end up very close to the park again during our first round of running! So that's it for now. Basically I miss it. I want to be doing it still. Or again. Or maybe some day in the future after I catch up on much needed sleep!

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