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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pinterest Projects: Bacon Wrapped Wieners

I confess I just really wanted to have WIENERS in the title of my blog post.

Alright, so here we are again to check out something I created after browsing through Pinterest. This one shocks me because I actually did it all myself (aside from the BBQ part). I freaking touched meat. And not just a little, but a lot of disgusting meat!

We had left overs from a graduation party, so I offered to host Friday Night Family dinner again, and of course didn't reveal the menu until everyone arrived.  Bacon Wrapped, Cheese Stuffed Hot Dogs - but not just hot dogs. These were like huge, firm, thick sausages! ;)  Thank you, Costco, for giving me something so dirty to cook. I have some boys that would really appreciate that!

Step 1: I laid out all of my ingredients. Can you tell which part is MINE?!? Yeah, give me the veggie dogs and don't let them touch ANYTHING!!

Step 2: Cut the cheese.  Uh huh, I went there. I've learned that when it comes to preparing food I love all the chopping, dicing and slicing!  Given the enormous size of these things I was only preparing 1 per person.

Step 3: Slice the dogs and insert the cheese. As noted in the first photo, I just used regular string cheese, and then cut each thing into four individual slices.

Step 4: This was the grossest!! Each dog had two strips of uncooked bacon wrapped around them, and then held together with toothpicks. Seriously bacon is so disgusting to touch!! I can't even guess how many times I washed my hands during all of this preparation. I want to wash my hands just looking at it.

Step 5: Man Friend took over, and put them on the grill!

Step 6: Rotate and monitor cheese dripping and possible flames!

Step 7: Apparently cook a spare, plain wiener just in case, and remove from grill.

Step 8: Nestle into an equally huge bun and decorate. Serve with vegetarian baked beans to make the cook happy!

Alternate Version: Go meatless and you can have this! And the stupid photo won't rotate. I'm giving up.


  1. My first thought when I saw the title? Hahaha, wiener! My second thought? Uhhh, when did you start eating meat? So I'm glad to see the veggie dog. But I have to admit the bacon wrapped hot dog kinda sounds delicious!


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