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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pinterest Projects: Rainbow Cupcakes

My favorite time of day, no secret, is what I call "Housewife Hours"! I get to vacuum any time I want (I LOVE vacuuming!!!), watching my Bravo Housewives, listen to music, try to isolate myself for undisturbed quiet time ... and try to create things I have found on Pinterest. For my Pirate Pool Party I did a few rounds of experimental baking to decide what my dessert would be. Given the name of this blog, it's probably no surprise that I opted for the rainbow dessert! How did I make it? I shall show you. You're going to realize this is ridiculously easy and complete common sense. I fully admit I found it on Pinterest and followed directions on how to do it - but looking back - um, DUH!

So here we go! *I did a double bath for the party, which resulted in way too many, FYI. First up - just get a simple box of white cake mix. Prepare it as the box says. If I can do that, ANYONE can except for maybe teenage boys. My cake had 6 colors, so I had 6 bowls ready for the mix to be evenly split among them.  To get the split I put half a cup of batter in each bowl, then just used a big spoon to start doling out the remaining bits to each bowl. Then the fun part - food coloring! I just started adding drops as needed to get the desired strength I wanted for each color. You can see my finished result here!

This is the part that was the most labor intensive - filling the cupcakes. Getting the right balance was hard because I would end up putting too much of the base colors in and by the time I was at the top I had a very full cupcake. I put about a spoonful of each other one at a time into the cup. It was probably less than a spoon once I figured out the right balance.

 Here is the inside of my finished product! It tasted as good as it looks!!!

For the Pirate Pool Party is got a little themey with them. I turned some vanilla frosting blue (like the ocean), used brown sugar to look like sand, and planed my flag in the center of my island! Yarr!!

Completely easy, right?!?!


  1. Those are so cute! That's awesome that they turned out so well :)

  2. Those are really cute. I'm impressed that you can see each color rather than it all mixing together into mud!


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