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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Then & Now: 2006 to 2014

What happened in Vegas followed me home!
I found an old post I had done on myspace in early 2007. It was a 2006 year in review. It was 2006 that I got a divorce.  I believe it was 2007 that I met that guy we now affectionately refer to as Man Friend on this blog, or my husband in normal life. 

In this post I had “Quote of the Year”. There were many quotes (2006 was a crazy, fun, strange year). The one that jumped out at me was something that I said ….. “Next time I’ll just get married in Vegas!” You can’t say I’m not a woman of my word, since in 2013 I did in fact get married to Man Friend in Las Vegas! I certainly never expected it to be to that obnoxious guy I deliberately avoided for 4 years. 

I also noticed how there were the “Most Loyal Friends” of the year. One of those felt like a brother, but really changed in behavior toward me and that friendship sadly came to an end in 2008. The other is even more bizarre and ended in 2012 after my wedding – and I still have absolutely no idea why. Never anything said, just a simple unfriending and not coming to my wedding reception, even though we had talked about it and excitement to see each other just 2 days before. Funny how things change; a lifelong friendship just over and still no clue as to why. 

But when things leave, new things appear. Getting a divorce opened a door to new things, and now I am married to someone that I can stand, and can actually put up with me and doesn't complain when he has to take care of me. No freeloader here!  We are a great pair; it kind of freaks me out!

New life brings new friends. I always tell Man Friend that I’m subtly in the process of stealing his friends as my own. I’m nice and share mine with him, sometimes. Some I keep to myself. Like my best friend. Completely unexpected, yet completely awesome. I know the exact moment I knew that we would be friends too! Seems most of the time you gradually work into friendship and there’s not always an “aha” moment. We had the “aha” moment the day we met – and all it took was one quick “See ya later, Sunburn!” for me to know that this was a keeper! There’s hardly been a day we haven’t talked since that sunburn comment. Heck if we go an hour without talking I get twitchy and can’t handle it!

In 2006, on my 28th birthday, I pierced my nose. Well, that hasn't changed, except the actually jewelry. 

Also, in 2006, I was so happy to start living alone in my little cottage with my dog and my cat. Just us 3 girls in our tiny house in town. 2014 sure changed that! Now I have my two-story pirate lair with a pool in the county. The dog is still in charge, and my indoor cat has a ‘sister’ that joined our family when Man Friend came along. Outside, Davey Jones reigns supreme as the head honcho cat that was there when we moved in. And now Chaplin (named after Charlie) has come in search of a family to pet him accept his purrs. Plus we have an 18 year old college boy living in our basement and some might even say I’m a step-mom (monster?!) of 2 teenagers. WHAT?!?! I have two aprons. I enjoy fixing a cocktail and baking just for fun and experimenting with things. Who am I?!? I host parties now and obsess over menus and fun dessert creations. I don’t even know this girl!

In 2006 I was obsessed with Titanic. That will never change! But now I can look at my autographed photo of Kate and Leo every day and smile! I’ll never let go, Jack… I’ll never let go!

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