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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Run 31.1 & 31.2: My Return to Run Blogging!

It's been so long since I actually posted about individual runs, but I've decided to give it a go again! My grandpa got a new Chromebook for his birthday and it was so cute and fun that I used my birthday/Christmas gift money to go get one for myself too! But mine has a touchscreen, and omg how awesome is it to be going about your usual business and then get to actually just touch stuff on your screen instead of having to having to move the cursor?!? Love it! Anyway, now that I have this I can sit upstairs and watch 21 Jump Street as often as I want.... and blog at the same time without having to do it through my iPad (or downstairs on my real computer). So.... here I am! My triumphant return to blogging!


My running has been very sporadic since Goofy. I wanted to let myself have a break after back to back marathons, I got married, I bought a house, I moved ... life happened. And with life happening, my Meniere's Disease has also tried to take over more and more, making running increasingly difficult. Every run has been a challenge, but I'm going to still keep on trying to get out and do the best I can that day! I was supposed to already be going on a training plan I have or my 31st half marathon, but having been completely stuck sitting for days at a time, I'm behind. I bought myself a 2015 training log, filled it in through mid-September, and am going to try to be diligent and follow it as best as I can!

So Run 31.1 (run 1 in training for half marathon 31): So cliche, but it was January 1. I had just watched Alexander Ovechkin and the Capitals have an awesome victory in the Winter Classic. I called this a celebratory run, decked out in my Ovechkin hockey jersey! It was 32 degrees, but not a cloud in the sky! I wanted to do 3. Vertigo and complete exhaustion from a week of Meniere's issues halted me at 2 hilly miles. Better than none!

My favorite souvenir from last year's Canadian adventure!
Run 31.2: Today's run was over 10 degrees warmer, and just as sunny! It was actually kind of nice to be out in long sleeves and knee socks again. Someone please remind me to wash my gloves!! They smell like dog.  I did 3 miles this time, feeling successful since I avoided falling. Running with vertigo is a serious pain in the ass!! I did enjoy running through the dirt/rocks/mud/sand when I had a chance. My ultimate goal is a Ragnar trail relay weekend, so any time I can get off road I'm gonna do it! I did do this run in some new Adidas that I picked up yesterday after getting this fun Chromebook. They were ridiculously cheap at Ross ... but felt so awesome. Have I ever found Adidas I don't like though?!? Nah, not really! 

My new toys!

So there's my first week! My goal is to run blog once a week and hopefully not just come to say I was lame and had Jonah Hill marathons instead of running on actual hills!

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