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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Finally a Ray of Light

February 24, 2015  What a week. Last Wednesday Grandpa's truck ran over him, and we spent the night in the Emergency Room. I came home late that night only to learn that my all time favorite basketball player, Jerome Kersey, had passed away. No lie, I was in bed sobbing with my Miss Piggy. Since that night, Grandpa has been in the hospital. It's been up and down with his status. Saturday all it took was seeing Grandpa open his eyes and smile to turn on my water works. Yesterday I came home to let out my dog, eat a quick bite and then hurry in to see him. Well, to add a kink to my plans, my dog wasn't using her leg and winced when I touched it. A phone call to the vet had to happen. So now I was skipping lunch to call the vet and go spend quality time with my dear Grandpa. While visiting Grandpa my mom got word that my cousin committed suicide. What more can possibly happen?

Today I woke up feeling sick with the start of a cold. I'm off and on with my ability to breathe. I needed a moment to pause. I looked at the obituaries. I do this periodically to make sure I don't recognize anyone. My mom's childhood friend, only 56 years old, passed away the day after Grandpa's truck incident. Are you kidding me??? Just too much is happening. I've been numb since last Wednesday and I'm sure once I finally crack, well who knows what I'll be like!

BUT finally I had some positive moments! My dog seems to be feeling better. She took her medicine and is actually walking without obvious pain. She also ate her new diet food and we had no accidents in the house. Hallelujah! As I was feeling relief over this, my phone rang. I got a bad feeling in my gut, but then saw it was coming from Portland. Hmm, I must answer!

It was Lori, the nurse from OHSU! I hardly ever answer my phone but this was one call I wasn't going to miss. She could sense my excitement and joined in on it. We had to laugh about how I am antsy and wishing to get my period so I could get on birth controls -- the backwards way you go about trying to make a baby! She reviewed my official protocol with me and assured me it is all set, and I will get it with the set dates and appointments once I finally get my period. Awesome!!! That one single phone call did so much to boost my spirits. I couldn't thank her enough! Let's just get this ball rolling, or should I say these needles stabbing?!?

IVF Officially Begins!
Consulation &
Blood work
Shopping to hide First ultrasound
a bump
Learning shots!
Grandpa in the ERI told my boss!
RIP Jerome Kersey
Phone call from Lori

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