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Friday, August 28, 2015

Suppression Check

The view from OHSU Fertility Clinic
March 18, 2015  I was so excited for this morning, yet also nervous. It was the day of my Suppression Check. Basically blood work and an ultrasound (this time with Dr. Patton) to make sure all of my ovarian activity was suppressed and ready for injections and follicle stimulation to begin.

Friday I told my dad about what is going on in my life. I thought maybe I would spread a little happy news his way since he, too, was feeling sad about the loss of my Grandpa. I made it to OHSU over an hour before my appointment this morning and decided to check in early. While I waited I sent my dad a photo of my view and let him know what was going on. He liked that! But before I could even reply to his text I was called back. Immediately my blood was taken, fortunately only a small amount compared to the 10 vials on my first big appointment.  Man Friend saw today's doctor walk by while I was plopped in the blood draw chair - he looked nice and old and not scary at all. Phew!! After blood I thought I'd have to go out in the waiting area to kill time, but no, I was wrong!!

I survived.
I immediately was taken to the same room I had the last ultrasound in. It was set up all the same, so I knew the routine. Man Friend was sent to the corner and forced to close his eyes while I got on the table under my sheet. Dr. Patton was in after no time at all, and before I knew it I was assuming the position!  It was a very brief, painless ultrasound. My ovaries looked all calm and dark, with extra dark circles inside of them that are my suppressed follicles. I can't wait to see what they look like in a few days when they have had 4 days worth of stimulation injections!  He sent me on my way saying all looked good, but to wait for my phone call.

Ovary is circled.
Smaller dark circles inside are suppressed follicles.
Ugh, next the dreaded wait! So we left and were in my car still thirty minutes before I was even supposed to have my appointment. Sweet!!! I pulled a Grandpa and had us stop for some breakfast on the way. Grandpa always loved a chance to take me out for breakfast! I spent the rest of the day staring at my phone. I swear time drags when you are anxious to hear results. At 2:59pm Lori called me with the excellent news that everything looks good and I am officially instructed to begin injections on Saturday just as my protocol said. Woo!!!!

To help me keep busy I've already got my first half of medications ready for road trips in none other than the old Ron's Westside Pharmacy prescription delivery container. Yay! Next I'll start packing clothes for upcoming trips. Starting next Tuesday I will be up at OHSU I don't know how often. I'll learn via a phone call every afternoon, and may end up just living there for a bit. Gotta be prepared!

MARCH 2015
Official day 1!!!Phone call to OHSU Grandpa :(Prescriptions set!Protocol arrived
to get it started!in the mail
Birth Control PillsGot my protocol
Prescriptions arrive
Last birth control pillSuppression checkInjections begin
Status check #1

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