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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

11 Weeks: Buying All the Food

August 1, 2015  Here I am, 11 weeks pregnant and my little lime is making my tummy even more noticeable when I'm not using camouflage to hide it!

I read earlier in the week that that 10th week of pregnancy usually has an increase in morning sickness, but then starts to get better by week 11. To say I hope that is accurate is an understatement. I've gotten a routine down for throwing up, and I've mastered not fighting it. So that's a plus. As the app said, week 10 DID have an increase in nausea, but as the week came to an end I did feel a slight easing of it. It could be a placebo effect, and if it is I'm not complaining!!

Another change I noticed over the last week was my appetite. We've done a few shopping trips to stock up on food for me. I'm feeling so up and down about food and most of the time nothing sounds good. Every time we shop our purchases are getting stranger and stranger. Now I have a refrigerator stocked with apple juice boxes and Capri Suns in an effort to find something with flavor that I will drink. AND!!!! I found kits for making Jello Pudding Pops at home!!! OMG I had to have to immediately!!! Still potatoes are my favorite overall food because they settle well in my sensitive tummy.

Since I have officially lost the littlest baby, I decided my sort-of bed rest is over and allowed myself a small workout in the pool. It felt so good to swim some laps and work my arms and legs like the good ol' days. What I really miss is running, but considering I keep getting labeled as "high risk" I figure I won't push that until they say OK, or I'll just wait until this is done and not risk anything bad happening!

Today is the first full day of just my husband and I having our house to ourselves. (Yay!!!) And a bonus with that is I am not feeling sick in the smell in my house anymore from the smell of dirty teenage laundry. I am sure it sounds catty to most people, but I can't express how happy this makes my nose and overall feelings. I really hate feeling sick in my house from contents in my house that I can't control! A new era has begun!!

My father in law came to visit for the night and Man Friend told him our exciting news. It made me so happy to see and hear his reaction! I spent the evening listening to hilarious stories of Man Friend as a baby, and even the stories of his and his brother's births! His excitement made me all warm and fuzzy!

Today was a family reunion of my Grandpa's family. Note the photo above and the fact that the baby bump is legit. Luckily for me the reunion was at the coast and so windy that I kept my jacket on nearly the entire time, helping me cover up the bump. I was expecting really high temperatures, and this was the most comfortable dress for that. All in all it was a win-win! Even better in the "win" category?? The Sugar Shack Bakery!! Holy deliciousness. Please don't tell Tim Horton's I've found a donut shop with glazed donuts that almost melt in your mouth.  This pregnant lady was in Heaven!! I wanted to jump into a pool of glaze and just marinate in it. Soooo good!!!

And that's this past week in my pregnant life! I'm excited for week 12 - 1 step closer to finishing the first trimester, possible easing of morning sickness, and a thorough appointment with another ultrasound and a chance to check on my little dancer!

11 weeks pregnant
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Maternal Fetal Med.12 weeks pregnant
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OBGYN13 weeks pregnant
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2nd Trimester!!14 weeks pregnant
15 weeks pregnant

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