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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

13 Weeks: Hello Second Trimester!!!

August 15, 2015  It's here! It's here!! That moment that every pregnant woman probably reallllly looks forward to .... the SECOND TRIMESTER!!! They say that morning sickness and fatigue should decrease at this point. And what else decreases? Your chance of a miscarriage. Seeing as we've already lost the littlest twin, reaching this day is HUGE!!

This week has been all about my baby that I'm already obsessed with trying to spoil. I've bought our little clementine a soft blanket, baby washcloths with matching towels, a toy chest and cloth diapers. That's just the start, who knows how much more will be added at a rapid pace??!!

All-day sickness has been fluctuating, but I'm trying hard to do a mind over matter thing to beat it. One thing we've realized is that Lady (my dog) can't be fed her breakfast while I'm still home, or at least not while I'm moving around getting ready. It never fails I smell it and have to run to go throw up. Between that and brushing my teeth, I've been constantly praying to the porcelain gods non-stop.... even at work! But I will be optimistic that the end of the high doses of estrogen and progesterone I take will help ease these symptoms. I can't even explain how excited I am to be done with the shots. I don't even know how many I have received, but let's just say my poor bottom is one big welt and it feels like scar tissue is forming deep below the surface. A couple of times we've had to pull the needle and try again since it hit a vein, so really I've been stabbed more than technically required. By the end I was having to use two soft blankets to lean on during shot time ... due to extra sore boobies not wanting to touch anything at all, let alone a hard counter top!

Also during this week I had a regular OBGYN appointment here in town. It was short and sweet .... and the sweetest moments were those strong pumps of a heart at 150 beats per minute that we got to hear on the loud speaker. It's always nice and reassuring to at least hear or see an ultrasound and know that all is well in there!

I finished out the week going to see Wicked (freaking awesome!!!) and doing a lot of maternity shopping. Holy cow are my new maternity capri leggings comfy. Plus I was able to get four sports nursing bras ... functional yet comfy! It was humorous to do the shopping with my mom. I had no idea what I was looking for or at, so she took the lead. Meanwhile right next to us another mother/daughter duo was doing the exact same thing. We heard the other mom mention "nursing bras" and our ears perked. We went racing to where they were looking. Eventually all 4 of us would be in the fitting rooms at the same time, then returning to the mini-maternity section before all checking out at the same time. Nice to know I'm not the only one that needs her mommy!

****Best News!! Best News!! NO MORE DRUGS!!!!!!!!****

11 weeks pregnant
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Blood drawMaternal Fetal Med.12 weeks pregnant
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OBGYN13 weeks pregnant
2nd Trimester!!
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14 weeks pregnant
15 weeks pregnant

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