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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

14 Weeks: Finally The Reveal

August 22, 2015  Let me breathe a huge sigh of relief!! Finally the word is out!! I can stop trying to conceal this bump that seemed to make its presence REALLY known over this last week.  Overall I have been feeling better, but just when I think that I end up randomly dry heaving for a while. Sleeping isn't going well. I've really become an insomniac, which I attribute to the nerves and excitement of finally breaking the news. So let's just get to that!

A couple of weeks ago Man Friend and I were swimming in the pool and I asked him if he had any ideas on how to break the news. He laughed and said he had it all worked out and I didn't need to worry about it. For these last weeks I kept trying to get him to crack, and failed every time. Hmmm, what the heck was that little stinker up to?

On Friday he called his grandma to tell her the news. He said, "she's as excited as a 90 something year old woman can be!" I was sick to my stomach (NOT morning sickness sick) when I knew MF was meeting with his two older children to let them know. Would they hate me? Would they be mad? Would they even give a s***? They handled the news and basically both thought it was weird and I'm sure don't give a shit as suspected. Granted there IS an 18 year age gap between his youngest and his newest, but for me I am quite a few years young and have zero children, so is it THAT weird? No. I also told my boss the good news that morning and felt a big relief to get it off my chest. He was excited and we had all kinds of baby talk, which helped get me ready for The Party!

We weren't going to have our Pirate Party this year, but I decided it would be a good way to have our close friends and family over for an in person reveal. I was so happy with all that were able to make it - even a few unexpected surprise guests that we didn't think would even be in the country!

As guests started to arrive my plan was "Don't Stop Moving". Keep moving and maybe nobody will notice that you are getting chunky in one main place! The time flew by and before I knew it some people were signaling toward the diving board and asking what the heck Man Friend was doing with a hand truck. GREAT question... what the heck was MF doing with a hand truck???? It sure caused the party to go silent!

If you know MF, you know he's anything but quite or shy or soft spoken. He starts out by saying, "I'm not a guy that likes to talk a lot ..." at which point there was a collective chuckle! And then I start getting choked up as he says, "We've had a difficult couple of years...." --- having been in our relationship, I know that means we've had medical issues, 3 very close family members pass away, adjusting to life in a new house, job changes, and 2 years of trying to make a baby. He goes on to say how he got me a little something, but I had a choice to make. By now I was completely confused, nervous and my hands were shaking. I walked up to join him and try to figure out what was going on. 

My options:
  • Hop on the hand truck and get a ride up to the empty house at the top of the hill to find a surprise that's waiting for me, OR
  • Open the cute little pink and black bag that says You're the Best and accept whatever I find.

Knowing that the point was to reveal I'm pregnant it seemed the only option was the bag! I shook it a little and heard a plastic rattling noise, which made me think it was a baby toy. Cue more tears at the thought of that. I then opened the bag, saw some plastic baby keys and started crying. He bought a gift for our baby behind my back?? How sweet! How could I not cry? I heard someone say "that's a teething toy!" and I hear that someone was heard saying, "She's pregnant?!!" While trying to compose myself, Man Friend did announce that we are expecting a baby!! Yay!!

But then the baby may have been trumped. I looked closer at the key chain and was so confused when I saw a Jeep key fob attached. What?!? Is this for my old used Craig's List Jeep that he had been fixing up? NO! I was even more confused.  He took the keys and said he'd be right back.


I'm ready for the kiddie carpool now I guess! The joke was on me when I had the big surprise of a brand new Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk!! I'm still in awe. My BFF and I discussed it the next day and how we both thought it was a joke. But it's totally real! Man Friend always finds a way to catch me off guard!

And it wasn't even 24 hours later that the new Grandma and Future Mom were in it and officially doing some baby shopping!!

11 weeks pregnant
Estrace: M E
Blood drawMaternal Fetal Med.12 weeks pregnant
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OBGYN13 weeks pregnant
2nd Trimester!!
Estrace: M EEstrace: M EEstrace: M EEstrace: M EEstrace: M EEstrace: M EEstrace: M E
THE Announcement!!14 weeks pregnant
15 weeks pregnant

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