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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Small World

May 15, 2015  Finally I got to go back to OHSU for an ultrasound. I was in such a rhythm so to have a month and a half without a visit felt very strange. I was practically giddy yesterday just knowing that I was going to have a fun Girls Weekend with my mom and would get to see Dr. Wu again.

Compared to other visits, I got to sleep in today until 5am. At 6 o'clock-ish my mom and I were on the road for my 10am appointment. The ride was really nice and no stress for a change. Hallelujah!  As per usual I was at my appointment way too early. While in the waiting area I watched quite a few people come and go, one woman looking rather familiar. At exactly 10 I was called back for my suppression check.

I hydrated the whole way up, and it paid off. My blood draw was the easiest one yet. The nurse commented she could tell I was uneasy about it, but I had to thank her fort best experience so far! Next was my ultrasound with Dr. Wu, my actual doctor. (You aren't always seeing "yours", but rather whoever is on duty that day. Dr. Wu is in charge of my protocol overall though, and completely awesome. I was glad my mom was able to finally meet her.). The ultrasound was easy as always and quite different from my last few. This time we were checking to make sure everything was suppressed and that I wasn't ovulating. All was well, except even though I had just used the bathroom we could actually see my bladder filling up!

Dr. Wu thought everything looked really nice and discussed the percentages of success with us. We reviewed that I will be getting my two strongest embryos next month, which led to jokes of having twins. Could happen!! Also we talked about the Lupron and side effects. She assured me it IS the Lupron causing the mood swings and hot flashes. The good news is the drugs I start tomorrow should help calm those side effects. Thank goodness!!

As I was dressing I grabbed my phone and a message flashed. It wasn't my husband. It wasn't my best friend. It was the woman in the waiting area!! Who would ever expect to be sneaking around to fertility appointments and then see someone you used to know?!? Well, it happens! She was still in the lobby when I left. We hugged, discussed the crazy life of fertility, agreed we never saw each other and then vowed to keep each other's secret. What a small, small world!

MAY 2015
Begin Lupron injectionsLupron
Last birth control pill
Run Track Town 5K
LupronLupronLupronLupronLupronUltrasound/blood workBegin Estrace pills
Estrace: M
Estrace: MEstrace: M Estrace: M Estrace: M Estrace: M EEstrace: M EEstrace: M E
LupronLupronLupronLupronLupronUltrasoundProgesterone injections
Estrace: M EEstrace: M N EEstrace: M N EEstrace: M N EEstrace: M N EEstrace: M EEstrace: M E
Progesterone ProgesteroneM: Morning N: Noon E: Evening
Estrace: M EEstrace: M E

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