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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Day 1 Status Report & Recovery

April 3, 2015 A day that started off awesome ended with feeling certain I wouldn't see the next morning. I woke up feeling pretty wiped out. I managed to get ready for work, and my mom was nice enough to take me. I still have yet to drive since the IVF medication process has begun, so I am at 2 weeks now! This was probably one of the hardest work days of my entire life. Both the pain pill and the nausea tabs cause dizziness, drowsiness and say to not drive. So add two medications like that, plus exhaustion from the whole retrieval process .... I was a barely functioning blob.  And then trying to act like I am "normal"? Yeah, that wasn't happening. I was open about being on medication, but still just let everyone assume it was for Meniere's Disease versus having my ovarian contents being sucked out 24 hours ago!

Seeing as I only work four hours, I was able to get home before passing out. I did almost doze off during my 15 minute break, however. I spent my afternoon drifting in and out of sleep, or at least some version of sleep. Oh wait!!!!

The romantic way our sperm met our egg!
*note, this is NOT our egg, I found it online.
The excitement of my day!!! It was at 9:01am that my phone rang. I was just starting to walk to the bank for work when the call came, which worked out perfectly, allowing me to have some alone time to talk. The call was from the embryologist at OHSU with a status report. When I heard the number 10 after retrieval, I was correct in thinking they said they were able to get 10 eggs from me. As I recall, not every follicle will produce an egg. Since I know I had at least 14 follicles, if not more, to get 10 eggs is the expected amount. BUT what wasn't expected, for me anyway, was that all 10 were mature and good. We were told that if they took 10, they might be able to use 8. So the fact that 100% of my eggs were mature made me very happy! She told me that using Man Friend's sperm, every single egg was fertilized in the afternoon and all are looking good!! I couldn't have been any happier with those results!

Alright, so back at home after work and my on again off again sleeping.  Man Friend had to go to work, leaving me on my own. I thought that would be fine, I figured I would just watch Netflix and relax. Shortly after he went to work Lori, my OHSU nurse, called to check on me and make sure all was well. I told her I was fine, just tired. She suggested some Gatorade or PowerAde to help me rehydrate and help me get feeling better. My mom was nice and brought me some and I thought I was ready for a quiet night alone.

I was so wrong. I began to feel more and more weak. Netflix and I were bonding but my body and I weren't. The nausea was increasing, but the tablets that dissolve on your tongue were in the other room. I was so weak it took me almost an hour to be able to get up to get one. Then I had to try to eat something so I could take the pain pill and the pill to help with the bloating. Perhaps it was dramatic, but I seriously felt like I wasn't going to make it. I have never felt so weak in my entire life. I couldn't even hold my head up or raise my hand to pet my cat that was on my lap with a VERY concerned look on her face. Once I was able to move and take those drugs, however, I was more than happy to crawl into my bed and fall asleep with Netflix entertaining me. Ugh, not a good night at all!!

APRIL 2015
Egg retrieval 9amPhone appointment
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