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Friday, September 4, 2015

Day 3 Status Report

April 5, 2015  When I awoke this morning I saw I had missed a call already from the OHSU Fertility Clinic. I was disappointed but confident I would get another call. I had hardly finished texting Man Friend that I slept through the call (my phone was on silent) when it was ringing! It was Dr. Seifer, the IVF doctor on duty today and the same one that did my egg retrieval on Thursday. Seriously, how many times do you actually have the head doctor at a place like OHSU call you personally on a Sunday?? The quality of service with them has yet to disappoint me. I can't say enough good things about them!

Fern loved her runt!
Dr. Seifer was calling to give me the Day 3 report on my embryos. On day 1 I had 10 embryos, but sadly today it looks like I have only 9 that are good. The tenth is still there, but not looking as good as the other 9. The professor assured me that having 9 out of 10 at this stage is very, very good. I felt confident after my call with him, although I admit I am disappointed that in my litter of 10 I have a runt. But look at Wilbur in Charlotte's Web! He was the runt and the only one we all know about! My next phone call will be on Tuesday, with a Day 5 embryo report. It is hard to grasp the fact that I have embryos doing their dividing that we all learned about in health class, and preparing to become babies, yet they aren't even in me nor in the same city I am in! Grow babies, grow!

As far as recovery, today I am feeling much better than the last two. Lori, the nurse, said by this day I should start feeling better and she was right! Yesterday I only took one pain pill, but that wasn't until after doing some work at Grandpa's house and taking a puppy head to my belly. Nausea never kicked in, which makes me very happy! Today I feel like I am almost ready to resume normal activity.... well not all of MY normal activity. I am still completely forbidden from any exercise at all, especially running. Activities like that could do serious damage to my ovaries, and when one wants to make a baby, the last thing you want to do is go for a run and risk permanent damage! Also I can stand upright today. The last couple of days I looked like a hunched over old woman that could only stand for a short time before needing to sit. I am thrilled to be feeling like recovery is happening and today it feels like finally the ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome bloating is starting to decrease. Hallelujah!

APRIL 2015
Egg retrieval 9amPhone appointment
(10 eggs)(10 embryos)
Phone appointmentPhone appointmentDay 6 - blastocysts
(9 embryos)

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