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Monday, September 7, 2015

Day 6 Status Report: Final Numbers

April 8, 2015  Today has been a weird day. I had to talk it out with Man Friend to make sense of things. I think the emotionally difficult part of IVF is officially here for me now. 

I spent my entire work day constantly making sure I didn't miss any phone calls from OHSU. The embryology lab was supposed to call me with the final results of my eggs, with the information of how many blastocysts I have frozen and available for my first try at actually having a baby. A little background: after my first ultrasound and Dr. Wu was able to get her first look at my ovaries and follicles, she broke it down saying how many follicles there are -> to how many eggs would most likely be there -> how many would successfully fertilize -> how many would be blastocysts.  Based on that information she predicted 4.  As of yesterday I had 3 good frozen embryos in the blastocyst stage. I was one shy of the prediction. Not gonna lie, I wanted to be an overachiever. I was hoping for 6, based on the 3 from Day 5. So here I am on Day 6 and antsy to hear the news. 

There I was at Applebee's with my mom when the call came in from the embryologist. She was very nice, and confirmed that I had 3 good quality blastocysts frozen yesterday. Today they were able to freeze two more, however one was of "lesser quality", so the two were frozen together in the same tube. I don't know then if that would be one of the times that they would give me 3 embryos versus 2 or what. I'll learn that when I have my next phone appointment with Dr. Wu.  So the prediction was 4, I have 5... although I keep saying it is 4 and a half, or 4 good embryos and a runt. Remember!! Wilbur in Charlotte's Web was the runt and he had an awesome life!

This is where my nervousness comes in. Until now I've followed every instruction I've been given and so far have had great results. Now the next big step is to put the embryos in me and hope that my body accepts them and that in a trimester I am sharing results and this blog post diary. But seeing the numbers makes it all real. Two chances are all I have now. Two chances and if it doesn't work I go through all of the twice a day injections, ultrasounds, blood tests ..... all of that again. I don't like the reality of failure. I want to do all I can to have success!

Next step is to call the clinic tomorrow so I can schedule my phone appointment and learn what the next step is. I'm antsy!!!

APRIL 2015
Egg retrieval 9amPhone appointment
(10 eggs)(10 embryos)
Phone appointmentPhone appointmentPhone appointment
(9 embryos)(3 frozen embryos)(5 frozen embryos)


  1. I'm so excited for you when I read the last paragraph. You sharing this must mean that it worked! Congrats mama :)

  2. Very exciting!!! I've seen the photos of you on IG, and I am just so happy for your result! I had no idea you wanted to have a family, beyond a husband, but you'll make a great momma!!


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