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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Status Check #2

March 26, 2015  It was another early morning for me, and another drive to OHSU for my second status check. It's my sixth day of injections and so far so good! I'm getting as used to the bloat as one can I guess. Pretty much I'm always feeling tired, hot and like a whale. The injections aren't phasing me at all... frankly it's kind of fun!

I had a 10am appointment today, which is much later than I'm used to. Again I was there early, and out of OHSU before my appointment was even supposed to start. I love that! Really I have zero complaints about my experiences at the Fertility Clinic. Everyone there is always so great. They remember us each week, we are never kept waiting, it feels like an open environment where I can ask questions and even joke around during ultrasounds. As far as having medical appointments all the time, I feel pretty lucky it is always a nice experience.

On the way to Portland I stopped to grab something to eat, which proved to be a good idea as I did NOT almost pass out while getting my blood taken. Yippee!! This blood draw was probably the easiest of the 3 I have had in this last week. The ultrasound room is right across the hall from the blood room, so that's always a super quick walk. 

Ovary is circled, dark circles are follicles
Soon Dr. Amato was back, this time with a doctor in training. Today was not my best day for an ultrasound. My body didn't seem to cooperate. First thing we saw, which I pointed out before she told us, was my uterus. The lining is looking good she said, as she took it's measurement. I guess since that lining is going to hold my embryos, I am very happy that she liked how it looks!

The first ovary was a piece of cake and the follicles were noticeably larger than 2 days ago. She measured a few of them and they were ranging in size from 8 to 10 millimeters, so that's definite progression that made me happy. Switching to the other ovary was harder. It appeared to be hiding. I promised her it did not fall out in the last two days. Trying to find it was pretty uncomfortable. She had me stick my hand under the left side of my butt to adjust my pelvis, and pushed down on me to try to make it more visible. Finally she was able to see it, and count that there are at least 10 follicles growing in there. I was happy she didn't try to measure them, I'm not sure I could have handled the physical pressure much longer. The student doctor asked if she could practice on me a little for some experience, and at this point when I've had so many doctors down there, I'll told her to go for it!

And with that my appointment was done. Dr. Amato thought I wouldn't be back until Sunday, so that made me feel confident I could head home. First we wanted to at least wander around a bit and hit Powell Books. Oh my, it was so fun in there. Man Friend and I split ways upon entering. He found man stuff and I hit every single section of the store. I had two books in hand, but by the time I left the Titanic section I had to get a basket to carry my haul!

By the time we finished our book store adventure we were both pretty hungry. We enjoyed a really nice, sunny stroll through downtown Portland and decided to hit Buffalo Wild Wings. I've never been before, but I had a really fun time. It felt like I was in a loud, vibrant Las Vegas restaurant. Woo!

Heading home I got my regular 2:30pm phone call from my nurse, Lori. Again she gave me great news! My estradiol levels from the blood work had a nice progression from 318 on Tuesday to 799 today. She explained the number doesn't matter as much as the way it progresses. They track the numbers on a graph and take that into account with other fancy pants medical things. Apparently the 318 was a little high last time, so that's why my Follistim dosage was reduced. Today's instructions are to maintain the Menopur and Follistim, but tomorrow add a new injection of Ganirelix. Wikipedia tells me Ganrelix is used to prevent premature ovulation. I'm excited for that step because it tells me retrieval day is one step closer. Dr. Amato did say she expects that next week I'll have my egg retrieval. Awesome!!!

I had packed for 5 days, and in the ended didn't need a suitcase at all. I'm leaving it packed and ready to go. It will come up with me for my next status check on Sunday!

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  1. What did you eat at Buffalo Wild Wings? I've never noticed if they have meat-free options.

    1. I have to remember. I've done it twice now - but the second one was after being pregnant and I was hardly eating a single thing. I think I had a side of mac & cheese?? That's my guess, but I could have just had fries? Maybe I had nachos. Yes!! I had nachos!


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