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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Status Check #3

Welcome to my uterus!
March 29, 2015  This morning I had my third status check. It was another early morning of getting up at 4am, but this time I actually put the seat back and napped off and on during our 3 hour drive north. 

This was my first time being at OHSU on a weekend when everything is closed. I like it! The parking garage was closed but we still had free parking right there on the street near the main door. Sweet! There were a couple runners inside the lobby, I think just using it for a bathroom and water break. Other than that it was just Man Friend and I. A quick potty stop and then we were heading up to the tenth floor.

With it being the weekend, Sylvia was not there to check in with at the counter. We were told to just hang out when we arrived and they would come get us. Sure enough someone did come to get my name and let me know that I would be seen soon. The waiting area was hilarious, well hilarious to a couple going through In Vitro Fertilization treatment. Nothing but quiet husbands and women all wearing baggy, comfortable clothing. I nearly fell asleep on the couch waiting for my turn, although my wait was still very short - it was just an early day.

Blood work was much easier than before. Thank goodness I'm getting better at that!! Then it was across the hall to the ultrasound room. It was so quiet back there, just the nurse that did my blood and Dr. Amato who was helping set up for the ultrasound! In no time at all I was back in my familiar seat assuming the position, which I was very happy to do. I was excited to see how my follicles look and was VERY excited to lie down.  Right away I spotted my uterus and could see on my own how the lining has thickened. Dr. Amato was pleased and said it was looking good! For your enjoyment you may see my uterus above and may be able to spot the inside thickening lining.

Hello future babies!
At my last status check it was hard to find one of my ovaries so she couldn't get a good measurement of their size. Today both were easy to spot and it was not uncomfortable at all Heck, these puppies are so big now that Man Friend even laughed last night when I came out from doing my night time shots and we could actually SEE two bumps where everything is all bloated. Anyway, my ovaries.... the one in the upper right of the above photo is my right ovary. It seems to have less follicles, but still large. The left one is going crazy!! At least 10 follicles, all ranging in size from just over 12 millimeters to just over 14 millimeters each. Now go look at a ruler again and just visualize that growing inside of you. Yeah, no wonder I feel like a freaking babirusa today. *Babirusa is an Indonesian animal, it means "pig deer". I think we were all happy to see the size of my follicles today. Dr. Amato said follicles are usually around 18 millimeters for retrieval, so I'm on my way and getting close!

My fourth status check is scheduled for Tuesday, (today is Sunday -- felt I should distinguish this since I am writing this now to publish at an unknown future time). Dr. Amato did call me later in the day to adjust my Menopur dosage to a lower one, so that's nice.... and exciting because it makes me feel we are getting close. This change was due to the results of my estrogen levels from this morning's blood work. The doctor speculates that I will have my egg retrieval on Thursday or Friday! The hardest part is waiting. Waiting for the status check day to get here and then waiting for the phone call to hear what happens next. We did the math, and especially with lowering my Menopur dosage, I have enough drugs to get me through that appointment. Hopefully I won't need anymore and they'll order me to take my Ovidrel so I can then come get these eggs out and fertilized ASAP!

After my appointment I didn't want to just turn around and drive home, especially when it was looking to be a beautiful day. So a spontaneous visit to the Oregon Zoo is what happened. It was really nice to just walk around with no time frame and no reason to rush. Heck I don't feel I can rush at anything right now anyway. I couldn't help but notice that aside from a few high school girls, I may have been the only adult woman to have never given birth. Strollers galore, dads wearing babies on their tummies, pregnant women pushing strollers. It was baby baby baby ..... and since I am full of ripening eggs ready to make a baby I felt it only appropriate to pause for a while on my eagle nest and tend to my eggs. Gotta love an opportunity for a silly photo op!

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