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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Status Check #4

March 31, 2015  What a day. I don't even know where to begin. Yesterday after work we came up to Lake Oswego to stay with my aunt and uncle. This morning instead of injecting myself in the car I was able to get up at 6:15 like normal for what would be my final Follistim injection. I got to go back to relax in bed for a while before getting up to make the short drive down the street to OHSU; love that drive, so easy!

OHSU is much busier on a Tuesday around 9:30 than Sunday when it's essentially closed! Tons of people, but still nice and calm on the 10th floor. Once  I was taken back it was a not so awesome blood draw. The right arm didn't seem cooperative so they tried the left. Ouch, and nothing. Back to the right arm with a different nurse. This time it worked but wasn't pleasant. Ugh. 

To the ultrasound room I went, but this time it was the room I will be in for my egg retrieval. I had Dr. Seifer this time and really enjoyed him. He was gentle, explained things to me, offered answers to any questions and urged us to visit the nurse for Ovedril review on our way out. I am loving the care of the doctors here!

This time the ultrasound was crazy to see. My follicles have been working overtime, which he said explained why I feel so bloated. Measurements this time got all the way up to 22 millimeters! He said it was a 90% chance I will have my retrieval Thursday. Yay!! With that info we asked to meet with Lori, the nurse, and review my final injection and ask any questions. I left feeling calm and excited!

After doing some more shopping for clothes to accommodate my bloated belly it was back to my aunt's home to relax. I stared at my phone until after 4pm when it finally rang. She had good news and bad news. 

Good news: my body responded great to the medications and I am set for retrieval on Thursday that morning. 

Bad news: my estradiol level was at 4,251. Apparently anything over 3,000 causes concern. My progesterone level, however, was at a good range. 

What does this mean? It sounds like there was concern about Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. I don't think I was AT that point yet, but maybe teetering on the edge. I've never had a flat stomach, but even I can see changes and major bloat. Just look at the photo below of my injection, that is NOT my normal stomach at all!! So this means that I will NOT be getting my fresh embryo transfer 3 to 6 days after my retrieval now. Instead I have new medications I start after retrieval that will help fix the bloat and pain, and get me back to 'normal'. From there I wait for a phone call from Dr. Wu to discuss what happens next. Research shows, however, that there are higher rates of success when using frozen embryos, so really I can't complain. I still get to have my embryo transfer, I just don't know when yet, but soon.

After absorbing all of this information I had to notify key people and then work on hydrating and relaxing. Man Friend went back home since he does have to work, and I am staying here with my family until my mom comes to get me after the retrieval. First step in relaxing was going for a nice night of happy hour dinner in Lake Oswego with my aunt and uncle. I really enjoyed getting to visit with them and see new places in town that are away from the actual city of Portland. It was a lovely evening, but then I had to be the stickler to say No More Margaritas (I was NOT drinking!!!) and get us back home for the most important thing so far....

The Ovedril injection! It was scheduled for 9pm. NO earlier, NO later. This injection triggers ovulation and has to be taken exactly 36 hours prior to egg retrieval. This was my LAST injection .... at least for now! Yay!!! So for the first time ever, I actually managed to take a photo with the needle all the way in. Enjoy!

This needle felt a little tougher to get in than my morning needle, but still nothing to complain about at all. I mean this was pretty exciting, yet also really intense, as it was the most important shot so far. The whole day felt intense. I was always on the verge of tears for no reason at all. I never did cry, but I felt overwhelmed and a little bit on edge. After the injection I felt a bit of relief come over me, which is good!!

From here it is just wait and relax. My mom is getting home from Las Vegas and will then be coming up here to see her sister and babysit me while I recover from the retrieval procedure. I'm excited but nervous. I've never had any anesthesia, so this is going to be new for me. I won't have any family in the room with me like I usually do for ultrasounds. It looks like Dr. Seifer is doing my retrieval, so I'm glad I enjoyed him today and enjoyed his gentle nature with my insides!  I will be on medications that are going to make me loopy and unable to drive after my retrieval, so who knows how that post will be, but we might all have a good laugh!

MARCH 2015
Official day 1!!!Phone call to OHSU Grandpa :(Prescriptions set!Protocol arrived
to get it started!in the mail
Birth Control PillsGot my protocol
Prescriptions arrive
Last birth control pillSuppression checkInjections begin
Status check #1Status check #2Begin Ganirelix
Status check #3Status check #4
Ovidrel injection 9pm

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