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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tew Peas in My Pod

July 1, 2015 What a Canada Day it has been!! I hardly slept, needing to go potty and feeling too excited and nervous to even sleep. Work flew by, thanks to it being Canada Day and our annual quiz on all things Canada, which I completely bombed. I fought off some Meniere's Disease issues and morning sickness pretty quick, thank goodness. Hopefully I can figure out ways to help battle that so I can have a pleasant pregnancy and stay under the radar as long as possible!

After 3 hours of work I was getting picked up by Man Friend and we were on our way, through terrible holiday traffic, to OHSU for my 6 week ultrasound. I've read so much about these, some saying you can hear a heartbeat, some saying it's too soon. Some say you can't see twins, some say you can. All of these questions were running through my mind that I never could nap on the way up like I tried. What would the ultrasound look like? Would I hear a heartbeat? Will everything look healthy and the way they want? I had 2 embryos put it, IF they both worked, would we be able to tell this early??

As per usual, we arrived 30 minutes early, which let me get in yet two more potty trips at OHSU alone! Sylvia checked me in and for the first time I sat feeling nervous. I was kind of calm, knowing that I AM pregnant and what we've been hoping for has happened. But still, so many questions. Man Friend had questions of his own, which he would ask during the appointment.

At 3 o'clock on the dot I was called back, and so excited! No blood draws this time, I just got to go right into my usual ultrasound room that I am so familiar with. Dr. Amato came in with a smile, very happy to congratulate us. She asked how many embryos we had put in and about my side effects, to which I said I was happy to not be sick for the moment. Man Friend piped in it might be better to ask when am I NOT sick, to which she smirked. Did she suspect what I suspected based on my hCG numbers?? I got in position and in went the transvaginal ultrasound wand thingamajig.

And there it was. I was in disbelief, but I knew exactly what I was seeing. I was lost for words. "Well, I guess we know now!" she said. "See that?" Man Friend quickly said "Yep, One, it just looks fancy."  And clearly Man Friend was in denial. Plain as day I was looking at my TWINS!!! Me, the only child who always said "the only way I'll have two kids is if I have twins" is now pregnant with TWINS!!!  Apparently my insane morning sickness is extra bad because I am lucky enough to have two. I knew it!!

The gestational sac was very clear to see, as well as the yolk sac. And right next to that yolk sac, the size of a pea, coming it at .25 inches from head to rump was Baby A and Baby B, aka Baby number Tew. Tew Legit created two more little Tews, and there they were. We could see their little hearts beating so fast. That took my breath away and was so exciting. But that was topped ... when unexpectedly I got to hear both of their hearts beating one at a time. Holy canoli!! 6 weeks pregnant and I'm looking at my little babies and hearing their hearts, seeing them beating. Of course this has to be the one time in life I'm an overachiever! I had a gut instinct this whole time that I had two in there, and sure enough, I do!

Blue circle - gestational sac
Orange circle - yolk sac
Red circle - baby!!!!
Before concluding the ultrasound she was able to get a photo of both babies together .... tell me they don't look like Jack Skellington! I'm going to have my hands full ... and is it a coincidence that their father did the Disney Wine & Dine 5K as Jack?? Hmmm....

When the ultrasound was over we discussed my progesterone injections, had some sharpie marks put on my tooshie to better show MF where he can stab me, and discussed my due date. The end of February is their arrival date, but she let us know twins usually come a couple months to a month early. Interesting. Hearing that told me I am definitely NOT going to run during my pregnancy. These little babies are going to have exercise of water aerobics and walks. I want to give them the best possible home ever - running can wait!

Baby A's heartbeat, coming in at 116 bpm! For those with a close eye, the baby is between
the two hash tags along that dotted line.

I couldn't keep the news to myself, and once in the lobby I had to call my mom. Of course I ended up in tears telling her how I heard and saw THEIR heartbeats! On the way home I got to break the news to my dad, which went something like "Are you sitting down? Better get some rum and have it because I won't be for a while!"

We also stopped at Powell's book store and loaded up on pregnancy books. The big score is one on being pregnant and having twins. I want to start that ASAP!! And forget about the new small car I wanted to get so that MF could have mine.... looks like I need to start thinking bigger!!

JULY 2015
6 week ultrasound
Estrace: M E
7 week ultrasound


  1. YAY!!!! How exciting! Two little heartbeats beating strong! Congratulations....

  2. Hopefully boy and girl then you will have perfect family

  3. Hopefully boy and girl then you will have perfect family


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