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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Time For New Drugs

May 1, 2015  It has been quite a while since I wrote about what's going on. Mostly I've been tired. How many different types of birth control pills have I tried in my life? I don't know. But I DO know that they never had much affect on me that I noticed. Yeah, not with these. I noticed it last time I had to take them, and a lot this time ... drowsiness. I would have thought that maybe I'd be used to it by now, but I'm not. These particular birth control pills mentioned that as a side effect, and it is hitting me hard!!  

I've been trying to do light running since I had been given permission, but it is so hard. Hard because I wasn't allowed to for so long, but mostly because I can't seem to ever feel awake. I'd say most days I end up dozing off unexpectedly, some days even going to my bed just to get a good nap in and feel more refreshed and able to be a normal functioning person. I had thought I'd be able to get in some nice, gentle runs and be ready for my 4th running of the Eugene Half Marathon. Ugh. What a mental battle that was, but again I had to make a smart running decision and accept that it is not the smart thing to do. I was barely granted permission to run as it is, and I was told to not do anything strenuous with regard to that. So I've had to compromise and convince myself it is okay to drop down to do the 5K distance instead ... and even with that I am pretty much going to "do the Galloway" and run/walk/run/walk. Blah.  And with all of this comes the Portland Rock'n'Roll half marathon that I've done every year.  I so badly want to do it again, but again - what is more important? A stupid race that will happen again, or being careful with my body when going through hormone injections and not pushing it?? Easy answer. So with that I'll be doing a gentle 10K distance instead.  I know it is the right thing to do, it just sucks.

And so here I am finding ways to kill time until June 5th. To keep my mind busy and distracted apparently I thought it seems brilliant for Tara and I to have a last hurrah girl's trip to Disneyland --- so there's been lots of talk of that. That's always fun! Now I find myself googling rides I can and can't do with a human growing inside of me. 

If you look at the calendar below you'll see that its about to liven up a bit in the drug department. Tonight I begin giving myself nightly injections of Lupron. It is Friday night, which means family dinner tonight. So I've packed Grandpa's little cooler with my medications and have my alarm set so as not to miss it! Next I have to watch the videos and learn how to do tonight's shot. I always get nervous that first time, but I know that I've done so many injections, this one will be a piece of cake!

At 6pm my injection alarm went off. Just as suspected, this one was very easy to prepare. I just put my needle into the bottle and filled it up with 20 units of Lupron. I didn't even feel the needle go in, nor any irritation from the drug. Maybe 5 minutes after I did feel a little itching but that was gone quickly. So this looks like it will be an easy month.... barring any annoying side effects like the hot flashes it predicts. Oy!

MAY 2015
Begin Lupron injectionsLupron
Last birth control pill
LupronLupronLupronLupronLupronUltrasound/blood workBegin Estrace pills
Estrace: M
Estrace: MEstrace: M Estrace: M Estrace: M Estrace: M EEstrace: M EEstrace: M E
LupronLupronLupronLupronLupronUltrasoundProgesterone injections
Estrace: M EEstrace: M N EEstrace: M N EEstrace: M N EEstrace: M N EEstrace: M EEstrace: M E
M: Morning N: Noon E: Evening
Estrace: M E

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