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Monday, October 5, 2015

15 Weeks: Shopping!

August 29, 2015  This past week was so fast!  With the announcement of our news finally being made, I felt free to just relax. Being able to shop in the town I live in for baby things and maternity clothes is such a relief, and much more convenient that going out of town all the time and/or hiding in stores.

One of my first acts at home was, while Man Friend was away and unable to stop me, to hang baby clothes in the closet, put baby washcloths in the bathroom... AND build my Pack'n'Play. FYI - that awful wall paper is quickly going to be coming down and the entire room is getting a fresh paint job!

The work week was good, too! Maternity clothes are the greatest thing ever, and I am so happy I can wear them to work now and not have people be suspicious. Now everybody just knows! We've had fun having girl talk about babies, and all the crazy things that are available now for moms to buy that weren't available when my mom was pregnant, or even my co-workers.  And that led us to our weekend....

We went up to St. Helens so my husband could volunteer with our sister-in-law's Hood to Coast team. I had visions of helping as well, but by the time his 1am shift came along I realized that the little one and I just wanted to lay down. I hardly slept at all .... feeling the race mom things and worrying about the van sleeping downstairs and would they be up and at the major exchange when the other van came in. But then part of the current running van was also at the house sleeping, which amped up my worry. You can't take the runner out of me!!

Once up, however, I was full of energy. I wanted breakfast, which I got, and to check out jogging strollers. Here's the simple version: there was a promo happening for BOB strollers. If you bought a jogger stroller and adapter you got the car seat for free. This could save us at least $160 on a car seat if we did that. The promo mentioned Babies R Us and Target. So, since we were up in the Portland area we decided to hit both stores on the way home. Things did not go as planned!!

First stop was Babies R Us. We decided, upon entering and seeing the huge enormity of things to buy, to register! That turned a stroller trip into one that was at least 2 hours long. But it was so much fun. Man Friend of course wanted the Jeep bed, although I'm not sure that I see an infant in that one just yet?? I was so excited to get my hands on the little scanner gun. I guess I used it so well that the battery died and we had to get a replacement!
I was overwhelmed prior to this shopping trip. So many options for cribs, strollers, car seats, high chairs, diapers, EVERYTHING. This unexpected registry visit ended up really easing my mind. We registered for multiple cribs, with the plan to then buy our own off our registry after we thought longer on it. (We DID end up sticking to that plan the next morning online!) High chairs still freak me out. I didn't even want to look at them at this stage!  Not knowing if we are having a boy or girl also cut back on some things we might have selected. I tried to go gender neutral but I saw quite a few things that said boy on them. What can I say, I love blue. It's a family color, we all like blue!  Eventually we got to the strollers and there I was half-assed running around pushing it, taking some corners, doing hair pin turns. It was such a nice, smooth ride! And then....

A sales associate came to help us. He had heard of the stroller/car seat deal, but they don't offer it there. They didn't even have the car seat! Well dammit. Why did the ad say that store then?? We finished combing the store, found a few things to buy (that I first registered for so they could get checked off!) and turned in our little gun. I was pleasantly surprised when we got tons of free stuff just for being new parents. Woo!!

Next up was Target only a short drive away. Before even doing anything we went to sign up to register - again another free gift bag full of samples! Score!! But this is also when the stroller drama started. I will summarize a lot of time and say we didn't get it. They also didn't know of this promotion, nor have everything in stock. It took so long that I did get $9 in "we're sorry" courtesy dollars to use anytime. We did do some registering, but I think I'm just going to ignore that registry. They really didn't have much to offer after seeing what Babies R Us had, and the prices were all very comparable anyway.

While in Target Man Friend called REI to see if they had the stroller we want. They did, and multiple! The woman on the phone looked up the promo -- and in the fine print you have to buy it online at Babies R Us. She told us with that great of an offer we HAD to do it! The offer expired in 2 days, so this was our mission as soon as we got home.

On the way home we quickly stopped at the outlets in Woodburn so I could check Motherhood Maternity. Well my goodness, I bought 2 maternity capris ... another free baby gift bag! Good gravy! In the end we had diapers, wipes, pacifiers, bottles, a travel cooler with the freezer thing and newborn formula in it, and tons of other smaller things. Completely unexpected, but so nice! And I'm saving those coupons - I figure now is the time I will want to be the coupon shopper when it comes to caring for my little human!

*It should be on Week 16 - but we DID get the stroller and car seat deal. Babies R Us offered it online, but had NO seats anywhere so it was impossible to get through them. But we found it on and everything should be here next week!

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