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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

17 Weeks: The Babymoon Begins

September 12, 2015   17 weeks already!! And what a week it was!

I thought morning sickness was behind me for the most part. I have gotten into a routine of having an English muffin with peanut butter and a big glass of cold milk every day for breakfast. I always feel so much better on those days. But of course two mornings in a row I DID have to get sick. One of those being right before we took off to fly to Disneyland. I guess knowing vacation was happening made it seem like no big deal!

Another thing I did that really helped, and I may have said it in week 16, I can't remember, was getting a new toothbrush. I now have an electric one that spins, and since using it my morning vomiting has really minimized.  Wooo!!

The main thing of this week was going on our Babymoon. But first!!! The crib! My mom and I went up to Eugene to pick it up at Toys 'R' Us, and that sucker barely fit in the new car. I was about to take out each piece from the box to get it to fit! We did some maternity shopping as well, and left town with some toys and clothes for myself and the baby. When I got home Man Friend was in the nursery removing wall paper. I sat down and he said, "We are NOT putting that crib together until we get this room's walls done and painted." Well once the steam ran out of the steamer I watched him walk over and open the crib box. So needless to say the crib was built and is in it's temporary place until we paint the room and move it!

Big things happened for me this week, with regard to my little one that I am completely in love with. On the plane to Disneyland we had a huge first! Apparently it didn't miss the fact that we were taking off into the sky, and I had my first bits of movement. I wasn't totally sure that's what I felt, until later when it happened again and I knew for sure that I had a little baby moving around inside of me! Yay!

Also with regard to my body I had another first. We were walking through Downtown Disney when I had this revelation. I told Man Friend that for the first time in my entire life I am so happy in my own body. I love my growing bump and I really do love being pregnant. I get so many strange looks when I say I am enjoying it, but come on, I've been trying for this for so long and now it's here! I am not in my 20s and worrying about trying to be some sexy girl in a bikini. I'm very happily married and excited about this change, and I finally feel HAPPY in my own body!!!

And the first half of our babymoon was wonderful! It was definitely strange to not go on my favorite rides, but at the same time I didn't care at all and instead I experienced new things and did attractions I sometimes opt to skip. I spent so much time shopping and buying presents for our baby. Stuffed animals, nursery decor, clothes. I didn't even feel like shopping for myself at all! I was thrilled to get a "First Visit" button for our bump, and even Donald Duck was excited at the news and gave me tons of hugs!

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