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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

19 Weeks: Changes Across the Board

September 26, 2015   I feel like this 19th week has been full of changes. The biggest thing that felt like it changed was my tummy. Mid-week I was stunned how it seemed the bump just disappeared. Obviously not completely, but it really felt to me like it was flattening. I could even suck in and see my body different than it was a few days ago. Two theories are out there on this. 1) bloating went away and now all that shows is actually baby bump and 2) my hips have widened and the baby is sitting differently now with different space available. Both seem valid. And either way it doesn't matter -- especially since the bump is back in full force!

19 Weeks: Size of a mango
I had a doctor visit at the OBGYN. I swear when we had scheduled it months ago they said this would one have an ultrasound. I took my mom with me so she could see her grandchild in person for the fist time. We were both disappointed when we got there and it was not an ultrasound at all. The bonus was we did get to hear the heartbeat, coming in at 145 bpm. Also clearly heard were all of the movements the baby was making. It sounded like a swooshing noise you could make into a microphone. That little one was very busy moving all over! I wanted to see it, but hearing is just as good!

An odd thing this week was sharing my blog post where I announced that we were officially having twins. The day we learned of our two babies was so exciting, and obviously friends and family on Facebook could feel the excitement! Seeing all of the happy comments was very hard. I couldn't "like" them, knowing that in the end I lost a baby. It felt nice to see how happy everyone was for us though. It's nice to know people care!!

Which leads me to those that don't care. Since announcing my pregnancy I've definitely become the invisible woman to some people. It doesn't go unnoticed either. I notice. Others say they notice. Interesting how people react to news that doesn't even have an effect on them, but their behavior is blatantly .... childish? Unhappy? Jealous? Odd!

But even when I cease to exist to some, I don't even care, because I have so many people enjoying our happiness with me. I've had so many great private convos with people, all full of questions and excitement that we share together. It feels pretty darn awesome! Thanks to you all!!

I almost forgot another big change... my memory. It doesn't exist anymore. My mom and I had theater tickets to Pippin up in Portland. I got to her house to pick her up and realized I forgot the tickets at home. So we went back to get them and head north. Once downtown we had some lunch and started walking to the theater. A couple blocks down my mom asked if I had the tickets. No, I forgot them in the car. At the theater itself I lost my ticket in my purse before we made it to our seats. After the show, at Macy's, I left my purse in the maternity section while shopping. I can't be trusted!!
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