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Thursday, October 8, 2015

20 Weeks: She Won't Stop Moving!

October 3, 2015   Week 20 was ... strange. Baby wise, this was pretty darn exciting and fun! Life wise, it was .... I don't even know the word! How do you use one word to describe all the stuff you feel when there is a shooting with mass casualties in the same building you took classes at one summer, and all while your very best friend is there in class and in lock down for hours?? That was this week!

The week started out beyond exciting. This whole pregnancy has changed for me now that I know what is growing inside of me. Monday we had our anatomy scan in Springfield at the Maternal Fetal Medicine clinic. The number one thing we wanted to take away from that visit was the knowledge that our baby is healthy and progressing as should be. But learning that we are having a little GIRL and that she is perfectly healthy with no markers to signal concern for any abnormalities? Well that was an added bonus! How many times have I said SHE and HER this week? No clue! We never say her name, although we know what it is. And of course people ask, but it's not going to be revealed until she is in my arms in February. Even her very own grandma (aka Glamma) doesn't know which name we have settled on!

Since discovering we are having a girl it has been Game On in the shopping department. I'm not really buying that much, just a small thing here and there if it's on sale and adorable. And seeing those little shoes? Adorable! How could I pass?? We've also settled on the colors of her nursery. She's getting 3 colors, because why be boring?? The wallpaper is completely gone which gives us an empty, white canvas just asking to be decorated!

On a side note, my belly button is out of control. Do you see how Man Friend's finger disappears into it now?? I can dry off, then lean forward and have more water come out after my shower. I'm like a camel storing water!

Media Media Media. Go away!!!
Life then becomes a blur until early Thursday morning. I was sitting at work and we heard the police scanner was going crazy, saying there was a mass shooting happening at Umpqua Community College. The full title of the school wasn't even out and I was already texting my BFF to make him text me back to say he was okay. Until he went home I was texting with him non-stop. From that moment on, this little baby never stopped moving. She had to be sensing my stress level that was soaring. It wasn't until he was home and safe that I started to relax and she started to calm down. Since then, however, it's been pretty fun. She's just getting bigger and moving all the time in there. Sometimes it catches me off guard and makes me laugh out loud. Just too precious! 

My Meniere's Disease has been rearing its ugly head again, I suspect from the changes in the weather and recent stress. It's made the last couple of days pretty difficult when you mix vertigo with regular pregnancy stuff. Oh, and did I ever mention my strangest pregnancy symptom? Sneezing. I can't stop. I hardly knew I was pregnant and the sneezing began!

So that's this week in a nutshell. Very strange, but also very wonderful!

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