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Sunday, October 25, 2015

23 Weeks: She Has Stolen My Heart

The dad's interpretation of
what will be coming out of me.
I wasn't sure what to even write for this week. Work-wise it was crazy and made me forget most of my normal life. But then it ended with a bang!

But let's back up to Monday! I went to the OBGYN for my monthly appointment. Coming off of watching the terrifying documentary I mentioned last week, I was ready to talk to my doctor about birthing options. We ended the visit on the same page with things, and a mutual understanding (as of now anyway) of how things will go and how I would like labor and delivery to go. It helped reassure me a little, although I'm not gonna lie, I am absolutely petrified of actually having this little girl come out of me. I love having her in there and feeling her grow, but I'm so excited to meet her ... but damn. I mean, ugh. We all know how that happens and seriously, it's terrifying! Also during this visit we took a moment to listen to her heartbeat after my doctor took her first measurements of my growing belly. Her heart sounded great, beating in the 150s bpm range!

Early in the week I spent time looking into cloth diapers. I already had a batch of them, but wanted feedback from fellow new moms that are going with cloth diapering. After my "research" I went online and did some shopping. I was stunned when only days later I had 12 new very bright and colorful diapers at my front door. Clearly I embrace color, so hopefully our little girl does, too! I mean look at those, aren't they cute? I mean if you have to walk around wearing your own toilet you may as well do it in style. Heck, one of those prints even has Lego pieces in it. Too fun!!

During the week I noticed that she was moving All The Time. Once I would sit down at work she would start up. And then at home when I'd prop up my feet, like I do every single day, she'd wake up again. We've spent a lot of time together listening to relaxing music, singing, dancing... a lot of mother/daughter bonding time. Every time she moves it makes me smile. It's awesome! 

Friday I decided it was time for Man Friend and I to get out of town, Destination Unknown! I had so many ideas... the Oregon Vortex, Diamond Lake, the Coast, Sea Lion Caves, Wildlife Safari... I just needed to be out of the house for a while, a day for the two of us (well, technically 3 now I guess)! So early in the morning we left the house with our first stop being at Arlene's Cafe in Elkton, Oregon. Grandpa used to take us there when I was younger and it's been decades since my list visit. It seemed like the perfect place to start our day! During breakfast I had mentioned that before this football season ended I needed to go to a game to see the family and be back on my lovely campus. Man Friend replied how this was the day to do it, the weather couldn't be any better. So it was decided!

From there we continued over to Reedsport and a quick stop at the Sugar Shack for road trip donuts. Mmm, the smell in there is good enough, you don't even need to leave with anything - but of course we did. A first for me, as we left Reedsport instead of heading south toward Tenmile Lake and Coos Bay, I went north toward Florence. I've never driven on Highway 101 for more than maybe 20 miles at a stretch to get between two coastal cities. It was a really nice, perfectly sunny day to have a leisurely drive along the ocean. We almost stopped at Sea Lion Caves, a place I haven't visited in 30 years, but instead decided to save it for later. There was a lot of road construction and I just didn't feel like going in and out of it just to see some sea lions in a cave. Next time!

Continuing north we did pull over once to smell the ocean air and enjoy the waves. It was so peaceful. I loved it. It was exactly what I needed! As we approached Newport we decided to go to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Usually in Newport I hang out at the old waterfront area watching the sea lions, and since it's probably been 20 years since my last visit, the aquarium seemed logical. It was a nice time. We enjoyed the eels and touching tide pool animals. The highlight was probably watching feeding and positive reinforcement training with the Harbor Seals and California Sea Lions. But soon we were done with the aquarium and heading inland toward Corvallis, my home away from home.

I made sure to not check-in or post things on Facebook, so as not to give away our location and arouse suspicion that we might arrive at OSU. I was so incredibly excited to get parked and wander through the most beautiful campus, taking in all of the colors and sounds. What sound might that be?? The 5 o'clock bells ... playing our alma mater Carry Me Back. It was strange, however, hearing this song, seeing all of the college students in their cute game day clothes carrying their drinks ... and here I am in a maternity shirt and pregnant. Hmm, that needed to change! So we made a stop at the new OSU Bookstore to get a Beaver shirt that would actually fit over the two of us. Found one!

Our plan to sneak in a visit was a success! Nobody had a clue we were going to be arriving, so the look on my mom's face was priceless when she turned and saw us walking up to the tailgate party! We hung out for quite a while, with my tummy getting a lot of attention from my mom and aunt. The little girl was even awake for it, kicking and probably listening to the OSU fight song being performed by the band when we were walking by. A great, unexpected evening!

BUT it gets better .... on the way home I was reading my pregnancy apps out loud, sharing what is happening developmentally at this time. One of the apps mentioned that the baby's movements will be getting more deliberate, and now that she is a pound and getting bigger, I'll soon be able to SEE the movements. Man Friend and I both poo-pooed this. No way, not this early. Who was wrong? WE were!! At home I crawled into bed and felt the biggest movement she's made. I lifted my night shirt up to see my tummy and I was stunned. I hollered for MF to come over ASAP. And there it was... we were watching my belly move as she kicked and squirmed. Man Friend even said, "I would never have believed this if I didn't see it for myself!" At one point it was almost like a foot or fist just gave a huge punch, and this small pointed spot came jutting out. It was insane and the coolest thing ever! I just can't get enough of this little girl!! Best way we could possibly end week 23!
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