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Monday, November 9, 2015

25 Weeks: I Aged Another Year

At every doctor appointment with the baby I am reminded of my "advanced maternal age". Well during this week I advanced myself even more, and felt so lucky to have the absolute best birthday present ever ... a little girl in my tummy that I am always talking and singing to and dancing with. I kinda like her a little bit!

So here we are, 25 weeks along, and she is really making her presence known more and more every day. No major milestones during this week, just the norm of me feeling bigger by the hour. Sleeping is getting uncomfortable but I'm fixing that soon -- I hope! And I've been making a point every day of having some mother/daughter time together with our music station on Spotify. She always responds, and that makes me happy. Music is important!

She did have a couple of firsts, although she's probably not really aware of them of course. The day we hit exactly 25 weeks she actually got to spend time with every single one of her grandparents! Considering that spans 3 cities in 2 states, this is pretty impressive! Three Grandpas and a self-proclaimed "Glamma" ... I see a very loved and spoiled girl in the making! 

Her other first was actually going to her first OSU football game, and not just crashing the tailgate party. She was quite popular while tailgating and really helped fill out the new shirt I had to buy to keep warm. The sound in the stadium was so loud, I could feel her moving through the entire first half of the game before we bailed and went home. If she's a good girl she'll have many more OSU games in her future while she's off earning her degree! Is it too soon for me to envision her going on to work in the medical field to help other parents like us have little babies?? Dr. Whatchamacallit at your service! ...Which leads me to her name. It is still top secret! At home we rarely even say it to each other so we don't slip and say it in front of anyone. When I hold her, then it can be said ... but trust me she hears her name multiple times every day -- and it's NOT Whatchamacallit OR Cosmopolitan!

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My Birthday!
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  1. Your really starting to bulge out there but it looks good on you


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