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Monday, November 16, 2015

26 Weeks: Hello 3rd Trimester!

We did it! We have finished the first two trimesters. I cannot believe how quickly its gone by!! I feel relieved to be 2/3 of the way done, and feel a sense of comfort knowing every day we are increasing her survival rate if something were to happen that she tried to make her appearance too early.

This week I've been feeling very tired. Napping has tried to happen but I keep failing it. And at night sleeping has been painful. I finally got to a point where I couldn't take it anymore. One day my hips hurt so bad that even walking around at work was painful. February is coming up quick, but it would be a very long trimester if I didn't try to fix this problem. So to my Babies 'R' Us registry I went. I added a fancy pants pregnancy pillow to the registry and immediately bought it. When it arrived at my front door I may have let out a squeal of joy. Immediately I was wrapping up in this new bit of gloriousness on my couch and felt my body enjoying a sense of relief. Already I've noticed an improvement in sleeping and my body starting to like me again. Hallelujah!! Any future moms out there -- ignore the price tag and get one. You won't regret it!!Morning sickness kept popping its head back into my life here and there. So far I haven't actually gotten sick, but I do find myself at times moving my body a little slower and trying to pamper my tummy and upchuck reflexes! Heartburn has come and gone, but not as bad as the week before. It's not my favorite thing, but it could be worse.

This thing is AWESOME!!!
Another thing I've been getting a huge dosage of is back pain. I try to have good posture and do all the things "they" say to minimize back pain, but it's just a part of my life right now. I did make a stack of pillows for my lower body to be on, and then a pillow to try to hold my top half on .... and had my belly dangling between the two so I could get a back rub. Oh how wonderful that felt! I needed it so bad. It was quite long and only stopped because the baby woke up and started moving around so much, so I decided to not risk squishing her. The girl at the bank told me how she had a prenatal massage on a special table that accommodates your boobies and belly. I don't need the massage, I just want that table!!

As a pregnant person I notice people have no problem making comments to me about my body. If I wasn't pregnant would people still make comments about my size or shape? In the span of only one hour I received two comments that both kind of forced me to suppress eye rolls. The first one was, "oh my gosh, are you sure you aren't having twins?" .... given the fact that for 10 weeks I WAS expecting twins, this was a double pang. Then someone came along and said, "well you don't even look pregnant yet." Ummm, this belly is NOT what I looked like prior to getting pregnant. Did you all really think I naturally look 26 weeks pregnant in my normal every day life?? I've never had six pack abs, but is my current state "normal" so much that I don't look pregnant????

I did some googling as to causes, and I think on this first day of the last trimester my dehydration probably caused it ... my first experience with Braxton Hicks contractions. Can I just say I really hate that name. It's dumb and long. I don't care if some dude with that last name came up with the name, it is just stupid. But anyway, yeah, I was getting ready for bed when I'm pretty sure I experienced those for the first time. Teach me to let myself get dehydrated when I'm distracted and tired!

And lastly, my birth plan. I started getting set up with my Lamaze classes, so hopefully those help me as much as they helped my mom! This got me thinking about the day my girl arrives. I've read forums on apps where people talk about all the visitors they had. At this point in time, I feel like I don't even want people to visit right away. After months of IVF drugs, pregnancy and then pushing a little girl out my hoo ha... well it just makes me tired to think about it. I don't feel I have the energy to try to be a good hostess to people. And after all this time, I just want to be quiet and alone with my girl .... and my mom and Man Friend. And my BFF. The rest of the world can meet her in due time. But really I want our first moments together to be ours. I'll teach my girl how to be a party hostess in all due time!

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