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Sunday, November 22, 2015

27 Weeks: Gestational Diabetes? No!

The sexy"behind the scenes" shot
of trying to find a shirt for
the week 27 photo. This shirt failed!
This week was pretty quiet. I was very busy with work, getting our final bit of training for our new financial system we are transitioning to. Busy work days make for quick work weeks. Work wise, however, um, will these people I'm not even close to STOP making their judgments about my body to my face? Do it behind my back like a normal gossip, okay!?!? And for those that are curious, basically my weight fluctuated due to all the IVF meds, and in the end I gained about 10 pounds from that, which I read is very common. And in 2 trimesters I've only gained 10 pounds, all clearly in my boobs and tummy. Sorry if I'm not ballooning in every inch of my body, but maybe I'm just not super unhealthy and letting myself go?!? Either way, MY pregnancy doesn't warrant YOUR rude opinion to my face. Vent done.

In other news, I LOVE my pregnant body!! I'm obsessed with watching my tummy move every night when I'm relaxing in my chair. She's just a funny little girl that seems to get her dancing on when we have our music time together. It's adorable. I will miss it when she's finally here, but then we can have real dance time together!

The highlight of week 27 was my OBGYN appointment on Monday. I had to fast for 2 hours prior, and come very hydrated. I arrived early so I could drink a bottle of orange stuff that I expected to be absolutely disgusting. It actually tasted like an Otter Pop - the frozen ice things we all liked as kids! So that was easy to go down, and that led me straight to the exam room. My appointment was very quick. Fortunately I don't have any issues going on with my pregnancy other than being old. So we don't have much to worry about at this point anyway. I did get a flu shot and we heard her little heart beating again. And just as I told the doctor she would, she kicked through the whole thing and pretty much sent a hand or foot right into the little Doppler wand that was monitoring her heart! I went back out to wait for a half our or so until I was taken back for blood work. I had to wait an hour from the time I drank the orange stuff until the blood was taken. This was to check for gestational diabetes.  I was told if results didn't come back like they want I would get a call in the next day or two. I always keep my phone on silent at work, but this week I had it on quietly just in case I got a call. Good news for me .... no phone call! No call is a good call!!

So that was my week. Quiet, busy, good news, and happy sleep now thanks to that wonderful pillow!!

And I just reallllly want to run. I keep dreaming about it. I've already picked out our first race together next spring. So once she is here I need to see how big her huge feet are and get her some Adidas!

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